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The Biden Unity Meter

Welcome to the somewhat regular update on the Biden Unity Meter – a non-scientific completely subjective measure of unity brought to you by me, Master of all things Biscuit.

Our inaugural reading for Uncle Joe was 0. Hey at least it wasn’t negative!

Our newest reading is now in though and it is: Minus 1.

Well shit, wrong direction, just like the current policies we live under.

Listening to the knuckleheads on CNBC this morning they brought in the usual array of “experts” to give their prediction for the jobs report to be released at 8:30 AM.

“One million jobs added,” proclaimed the first. “One point three million,” cried the second. Not to be outdone panelist three went for the gusto: “One point five million,” he opined. Most agreed the unemployment rate would settle down to the “mid fives.”

Only one word came out of my mouth, making my wife nearby chuckle. “Bullshit.”

Any idiot (or any intelligent person reading this blog) knows that there are now hiring signs EVERYWHERE because of the vast number of people being incentivized not to work. This seems to be the case across all segments of employment. Stimulus, earned income tax credit refunds and expanded unemployment benefits have give a LOT of people incentive to not do anything.

And the data showed exactly that. The actual jobs added number for April was a meager 266,000, and the unemployment rate actually rose.

So who is working? Well as you might have guessed equity and equality are not being served by the actual facts. It turns out that white, college educated professionals have returned to the workforce in droves, and in fact are so confident in the market right now that many are switching employers to pursue more money and better opportunities. Meanwhile, minority employment, once given new life under Donald Trump, slagged yet again.

The gap between the “have and have nots” is widening – brought to you all by:

Better luck next week Joe, maybe you’ll catch a break once you start taxing the shit out of everyone.

4 thoughts on “The Biden Unity Meter”

  1. Traveling; took wife in to town from location where we are staying. From city limit to Hobby Lobby (where she wanted to go) was 4.2 miles. Counted – and I may have missed some -16 “help wanted” signs. One fast food place even stated “$13.00 to start GUARANTEED”! Really! Two other business proclaimed $11.00 per hour for PART TIME! And now for the kicker. When we got back to our current head resting location, she pulls a flyer out of her Hobby Lobby bag and shows it to me. It proclaims Hobby Lobby is looking to hire (duh) and will pay $11.00 for part timers and $17.00 to start for full time. Additionally, full timers get health insurance, paid vacation/holiday pay, employee discount, personal paid time off, Christmas bonus and group life/LTD insurance!! Oh, and with this company you never have to work on Sundays! Damn shame there our no good jobs available!!

  2. Thomas "Pops" Petty

    Once again, Chance “Ghostrider” Bunger has identified the target, locked on, and sent it crashing to terra-firma. Uncle Joe IS NOT IN CHARGE! There is a “puppet master” with their hand up his backside. He’s not capable of a cognitive thought. He doesn’t have the ability to think on his feet.

    Whoever is actually in charge is committing treason. The DNC has already done so by forcing this sham of a President upon us.

  3. I am silently crying for our country and praying that God will wake up the American people to what is happening to our wonderful country.

    Seems government is becoming a joke.

  4. We have 2 years to right this ship, and 4 years to take the country back. Let’s hope to GOD the damn country isn’t destroyed by then, and that the silent majority can once again rise up and show the world that freedom for ALL means just that. ALL. Period.

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