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Mark Cuban is a Dick

So if you haven’t seen the news yet something I’ve long suspected is true. Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is not only an idiot but a dick.

(Add him to Gorilla Glue Girl and I Hate My Trump Neighbors Who Shoveled My Driveway For Free Lady as a Biscuit of the Week Nominee).

What proof has come to light to finally scientifically link my hypothesis beyond refute? His NBA basketball team has decided they won’t play the national anthem before games.

Because just when you thought that kneeling and or disrespecting the United States was as far as a group of entitled multimillionaires and billionaires would go they’ve smiled, raised their middle finger at you and stepped up the ante a bit further. Here it is in case you missed it:

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. In a society that is non-stop identity politics from Democrats (yes, Cuban is a Democrat, he can afford to be) you can’t help but see how they continue to work to destroy what was America and turn it into … well who knows what the hell they are trying to turn it into. A place with no pride, no respect, no sense of unity.

When I was a member of Rotary International we began each morning meeting reciting the pledge of allegiance and having an invocation. How long will it be before those meetings have to be held in secret somewhere lest someone find out it’s going on? God and Country? You do realize illegal aliens are far more important, do you not?

The truly devastating news here is that Democrats and people like Mark Cuban continue to drive the wedge deeper and deeper into a country that simply can’t afford to keep going the way it is. That means both fiscally and spiritually.

I’m not sure what happens next but I know two things for certain: It won’t be pretty, and Mark Cuban is a dick.

UPDATE! He probably heard he was up for Biscuit of the Week Nominee.

He’s still a douchebag though.

2 thoughts on “Mark Cuban is a Dick”

  1. I’m really tired of the virtue signaling by all the social justice warriors. The Left is now the once despised “Man” and “Establishment”. When are young people going to start “speaking truth to power”? When are they going to rebel? When are they going to start thinking for themselves rather than allowing themselves to be spoon-fed?

    1. Craig Michael Vandertie

      2021 trying to intensify the shame that far too many Lunatic Liberal White people feel for being White, now he has proclaimed those like him which is/are complete waste of resources, no grasp of or footing on our plane of existence Zoomers as the greatest generation, Cuban has reaffirmed Ron White’s opinion of not being able fix those who are without a doubt stupid.

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