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Some Random Thoughts

You might think I’d gloat about being right about things – not really what I’m trying to do. What I’m really trying to do is point out how completely ridiculous our leaders and media are when it comes to reporting reality.

Take this headline from the liberal outlet “Quartz” – an outfit full of potential pulitzer prize winners I’m sure:

Actually, no he’s not, he’s got a car, and a boat, both which require fuel, so despite his wealth he’s painfully aware of what is going on with prices. And we all know as consumers that fuel isn’t the only thing going up – a weekly grocery run for a family of four is at least $200 now. Biden has insisted it’s going away. The Fed argued for month’s it was a temporary thing – and recently has admitted they “may have underestimated the length of time that the economy might feel inflationary pressures.” Go figure. Then we got August numbers, and a reality headline hits:

At least somebody is reporting the truth, I doubt CNN will spend much time covering it.

Is anybody else just sick and tired of liberal bullshit? There simply cannot be a rational conversation over the issues of the day without the left just saying “you’re racist” or “your argument is just your white supremacy showing.” Shut the hell up. The fact that you have no reasons besides stupidity for your policies reduces you to only call people names. You have nothing.

lol I just really enjoyed this email I saw. Glad to know it probably wouldn’t go down from there anyway.

Oh, are we back to this again? Readers of the biscuit blog realized this months ago.

If you read the biscuit of the week column yesterday you already know that Pelosi failed to get a vote on Thursday, promising she’d get one on Friday. I told you that was unlikely. Ok, sometimes I love being right.

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    When you’re hot, you’re hot!!!

    What troubles me is the number of people unwilling to even consider the facts. If liberals took a stance which stated, “The Sun now rises in the west due to climate change!” The flock of followers would declare that, “East is now west!” Regardless of what EVERY COMPASS might tell them.

    Democrats are evil!

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