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Random Thoughts

We all know it’s highly dangerous for me to have time on my hands, and right now I do so buckle up.

One completely moronic and racist thing I hear come out of Democrats mouths is that black people don’t have access to the internet. They cite this, amongst other completely stupid reasons, for one of the reasons why voter ID laws are, say it with me, RACIST.

But then I thought this morning…. hmmm…. when all of our employers sent us home this year I guess they all assumed that each and every one us, despite our color, had internet capable of supporting Zoom and Teams. And ya know, I’ve heard NOTHING from anyone saying “hey, I can’t work from home, I don’t have internet.” Now I know not everyone has internet, but CLEARLY pretty much everyone does because you hear nothing about this.

Did you catch the 9 year old girl ripping her school board’s ass in Minnesota? It’s hilarious. Her school board instituted a “no politics” policy in the school, but then allowed a teacher to put up a black lives matter poster, reportedly made by the board itself. The best line is where she says: “You expect me to believe that you did not know what you were doing when you were making these posters? C’mon people!”

She was followed by a constituent whose cerebral response was to stand in front of the microphone and repeat the phrase “black lives matter” eleven times. We heard you the first time genius.

I wrote last week about stories the media makes up which can’t be disproved at the time but eventually fall apart. Yesterday the bullshit about Trump “clearing out protesters” to get a photo op in front of a church fell apart when a lawsuit filed by Black Lives Matter was dismissed by a judge. Thank God our judicial resources are being used on such suits designed to advance peace and harmony.

Did you see that the fake news New York Times reporter who won a Pulitzer prize for bashing Trump has been unable to let her precious go?

Maggie Haberman made a career out of beating up Donald Trump. Haberman was frequently lauded in the lame stream media for her coverage of the Trump White House with reports on palace intrigue, alleged Russian Collusion and other anti-Trump story lines. When Trump left office, the paper announced that Haberman would be covering the Biden administration. Except well….

Since Biden took office she’s written or been co-author of 40 articles. Only 5 have involved Biden. What else has she written about? You guessed it – Trump and his “cronies.” The Pulitzer has no credibility any longer, much like the Nobel Peace Prize means nothing since they gave Obama one for doing absolutely nothing. Branch out sweetheart, that undeserved prize you got for writing about fake Russian collusion is only collecting dust on your wall otherwise.

The Times noted that Fox News reporting out these FACTS was an “attack” on their “star” reporter. That’s right, the facts these days are simply an ax used to plunge into liberal heads.

Lastly – please just shut the hell up lady, I’d like an apology from your parents for procreating:

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  1. Thomas "Pops" Petty

    “I’d like an apology from your parents for procreating” was absolutely GREAT!!!

    Great Op-Ed. Keep them coming.

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