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Random Thoughts Thursday

Just me sitting around thinking about stuff, always dangerous.

So the folks in DC continue to go round and round over something that I used to thought was pretty easily defined: Infrastructure. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution it has meant roads, bridges, manufacturing facilities and other “hard assets” that helped the economy grow and flourish.

The Democrats started off with, as usual, a spending bill that spent an ass ton of money on things that clearly were not infrastructure. I can’t blame them, they were throwing spaghetti against the wall and knew they would end up compromising. But here we are six months into the year and this still isn’t done. Why?

Because the swamp is back. Love or hate Donald Trump he made things happen because he talked shit better than anyone ever has – and he’d do it to Democrats and Republicans. Joe Biden can’t talk shit to his dog. The same old shit has returned, and the American people who claimed to want something different put it back there. Shame.

A friend of mine this week asked what I’d invest in if I had a few bucks right now. Honestly, it’s never been more difficult to find things worth investing in. The stock market is clearly high, the real estate market isn’t just high but is borderline ridiculous, and I’ve got just a good a shot with Bitcoin as I do pulling a slot machine lever.

Tilman Fertitta, the eccentric CEO of Landry’s restaurants and owner of the Houston Rockets was asked this question once when the economy was very good and he replied “I’m not buying anything, I’m building up cash.” The reporter questioned that strategy but then he dropped a line that is so true you’d be a fool not to write this down: “When times are good you collect cash. When times are bad you take that cash and you eat the weak.” Amen.

I’ve read several articles about the G7 summit going on in Europe right now. It’s clear that the leaders of Italy, Germany, Japan, Russia, Britain and France are all thrilled to not be dealing with Donald Trump anymore. Not because he’s an asshole, but because the swamp is back. I have no idea what will happen in this summit save one thing: It will cost the USA money and probably lots of it. Biden probably took the treasury checkbook with him.

I’m off now to mull over the nominees for biscuit of the week. It’s going to be another tough choice this week for sure – stay tuned to see who brings home the trophy tomorrow!

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