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Random Thoughts

Well, I have to say that when you’re a guy like me who has a lot of time to sit around and think about things, we are living in a world where there are a lot of things to think about.

Let’s start with what has to be the stupidest series of commercials that any ad agency has ever conceived.

Yes, it’s the Uber eats commercials starring Trevor Noah. Side note – my wife had no idea who he is – good girl.

Anyway, if you’ve seen these, it’s a series of commercials where Uber Eats has delivered not just food but also some everyday necessities like tape, deodorant or toothpaste.

But because people under 30 are apparently the dumbest generation to ever roam the planet, the participants in the commercial sit and wonder if everything they had delivered can be eaten since it was brought by Uber Eats. If it wasn’t so disgusting it would almost be amusing when Trevor takes a bite out of a roll of deodorant. Almost.

Uber is that really the best you have to try to explain to us that your Uber Eats division can deliver more than just a $12 quarter pounder with cheese meal? Christ I’m getting tired of just how stupid everyone is.

Speaking of stupid, have you watched Wheel of Fortune lately? I’m pretty sure that anyone who completely fails the jeopardy audition test is automatically put in the pool of potential Wheel contestants. The other night this doozy of a puzzle made a complete idiot of herself on this:


Due to her fellow contestants continuing to hit the Lose a Turn and Bankrupt spaces our gal got not 1, not 2 but THREE shots at that one.

Her first guess?

“A feather in my lap?”

Her Second Guess?

“A feather in my map?”

Uh no.

Thankfully the pain stopped when it came around to her third try and she finally realized the last word was cap. Folks, it’s people like her that make it so i can’t have my gun nearby when watching shows like that.

Lastly let’s talk about confirmation hearings for Biden’s nominee to the supreme court – Just Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Now we all know that Biden is a complete fuck up for doing what he did here – before he ever had a name in mind he came out and said “I am going to nominate a black female.” Can he be any more stupid? Let’s immediately take away her judicial accomplishments and qualifications and just say up front “If you ain’t a black female you can’t be considered for this.”

What a dumbass. He didn’t have to say that at all, he could have just picked her and presented her based on her merits. But no, we are going to virtue signal before we even make the pick. Since this administration can’t do much of anything else right I guess I should not be surprised.

And the person he did pick appears just fine. Republicans have some minor criticisms and problems with her sentencing record, but it really doesn’t matter. If they had a brain in their head, which regrettably most of them don’t, they’d all go ahead and vote yes on her and look at the American people and say “there is one party left in Washington who recognizes a qualified jurist and can make a non-partisan decision without dragging someone through the mud about who they partied with in high school.”

Think about that. Think of the pressure it would put on Democrats to act like mature adults the next time they were faced with confirming a Republican nominee. It’s a shame none of them can see that far down the chessboard.

Lastly, did you see where Ivanka Trump has organized and now sent over one million meals to people in the Ukraine? I’m guessing that if you don’t watch or check in to Fox News every now and then you probably won’t. But people should know. Good on her.

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