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We all know them simply as More Stuff Not Being Correct.

In a truly amusing bit of fake news self promotion today they posted a clip on YouTube with the following headline:

“Joy Reid Schools Critical Race Theory Critic On Legal Scholarship

Yes, that’s pretty funny, as Joy Reid couldn’t school a fifth grader on legal scholarship. If you haven’t had the pleasure of rolling your eyes up in your head here’s the offending clip. It’s not worth ten minutes of your time really, but if you’re bored feel free.

So anyway if by “schooled” in their headline MSNBC means “Joy Reid continuously interrupts opposing viewpoint in a one-sided interview disguised as a debate” then I suppose maybe she did.

Indeed, Reid spoke far more than her guest and repeatedly cut him off, at one point saying with a forced smile, “It’s my show, so it’s how I want to do it,” when he complained he was getting no time to talk. At another point, Reid said she doesn’t allow people to “make up insane lies” on her program. Reid belittled the guest as a “quasi historian,” called him “dear,” and refused to allow him to give examples of critical race theory enshrining “race essentialism” in schools, saying he was just using “talking points.”

If anybody would know a talking point, it would be Joy Reid, as she trumpets them from the Democrat party nearly non-stop on her show.

“Now Chance,” you say, “you just don’t like MSNBC.” You got that right, I think they are fake news and useless as tits on a boar.

Yet I see Tucker Carlson invite liberal viewpoints onto his show quite often – and he’s respectful, he agrees to disagree, and gives them fair time to make their points. He does this because he knows like most of us that if you give a liberal enough rope they’ll hang themselves. Sometimes they – GASP – even find common ground!

Maybe Joy could take a lesson from him. God knows she could take a lesson from him on getting ratings.

Oh Joy, you’re just another biscuit, aren’t ya? You are not a journalist, you’re not even a good opinion host, you’re just an arrogant liberal bitch.

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