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Let’s Go Brandon!

There are really only a few things that the President of the United States influences, but the overall policies of an administration can be very influential on things like prices.

The example that even the most clueless American can see with their own eyes right now is the price of gasoline.

It does not take a genius (lucky for Joe Biden) to understand that constricting supply of gasoline versus unchanged, or even growing, demand leads to higher prices. If you’ve filled up lately – you get it.

The Biden administration killed the Keystone XL pipeline the first day they were in office. 12,000 Union jobs were lost that day. I thought Democrats and the Unions went together like peas and carrots?

There I go thinking again – it’s almost as dangerous as living in Chicago. Then of course they sheepishly admitted they are “studying” the idea of shutting down the Line 5 pipeline from Canada through Michigan. More lost jobs, even lower supply. Yah, that’s a good idea. Enjoy your $4.50/gallon gas Cleveland, trust us it’s just transitory.

The day Biden took office the United States went from an energy independent country that was actually exporting energy to a country where Biden now begs the Arabs to pump a bit more oil to get us some relief. The first time they barely increased anything (400k barrels), and the second time they said “Let’s Go Brandon!” Again, if you’ve filled up lately, you know that strategy has been a total failure.

And every time gas prices go up (for whatever reason) politicians turn to the age old idiotic idea of “releasing oil from the US strategic petroleum reserves.” It was stupid when Republicans brought up the idea years ago and it’s even more stupid today, which explains why Democrats are saying such a thing.

First – the name says it all. The STRATEGIC petroleum reserve. Not the “Americans hate us because gas prices are high” politics of the current fuck ups in charge.

Second – are they not paying attention to China whatsoever? They are testing hypersonic missiles, doing war games that involve destroying the US Pacific Naval capabilities, and now that they are unafraid of Beijing being bombed into the 12th century (because that threat was real to them when Trump was in charge) China is making their move to be the true global superpower. At this point in time the Chinese could invade and take over our entire West Coast in a few days. I dare say they can have it. Enjoy Portland! Regardless, if they tried anything it sure would be nice to have a STRATEGIC RESERVE sitting in Oklahoma to help fend off the invading forces. Almost all Americans live in a shell where they think war in general is an impossibility – that would be a poor assumption to make, don’t you think?

Lastly – if they did release some oil from the SPR, it would be at BEST be a TEMPORARY reprieve. Only turning the spigots back on that this administration has turned off will get us back below $3/gallon. In the meanwhile enjoy your high prices, they are here to stay.

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  1. Look for China to walk in and take over Taiwan where the US gets 86% of its electronic computer chips that run everything from our laptops to our cars. Talk to me then about why China gave Hunter Biden’s investment fund $1.5 billion and how the real issue is that Trump somehow colluded with Putin to steal Hillary’s coronation.

    This will happen within 12 months after the Olympics. The US has a 2.5 year window of vulnerability. That’s how long it takes to get a computer chip factory up and running Make that 4 years if you try to get permits from gubbermint bureaucrats in a Blue state.

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