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Fake News Tuesday

A rundown of all things fake in the media … which is most of it these days.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when perusing the fake news websites today. Both the Communist News Network, More Stuff Not Being Correct, and Always Being Communist (ABC) of course have screaming headlines today regarding the first meeting of Nancy Pelosi’s much hyped “January 6th commission.” You know, the one where she kicked Republicans off because they might actually ask questions of significance.

Of course absolutely no one cares, and this is a desperate (at best) attempt to keep the boogeyman in the “headlines” because it’s their only hope for ratings.

Meanwhile in Oakland yesterday, where the city recently diverted $18 Million dollars from the police budget to “alternative anti-violence programs,” former California Senator Barbara Boxer was mugged. Her assailants assaulted her and stole her cell phone.

You’ll find nothing about that story on either CNN, ABC or MSNBC front page websites today, but plenty of you won’t believe what Trump is up to stuff! If that’s your bag, well enjoy.

In the Minnesota School District of Sartell Saint Stephen a group of leftist knuckleheads called “Equity Alliance Minnesota” was hired to conduct a “racial inequalities” audit. Their fee for said “audit” was $80,000. If you don’t think all this DEI stuff isn’t about money – you’re stupid.

The audit included questionnaires being handed out to fourth graders that included questions about what gender they identified with. None of this became known to parents until a school board meeting where it was revealed that not only was this shit going on but that students were specifically instructed not to tell their parents about it.

Gee, I wonder why they wouldn’t want to let everyone know what they are doing? I suppose a teacher who sexually abuses a student would probably tell a student not to tell their parents about that either.

Lastly, liberals continue to cry about “restrictive” voting laws. Except they aren’t restrictive, they are easily followed, discriminate against no one, and would bolster confidence in elections which we CLEARLY don’t have right now. But we still get this shit on the daily:

You’re not fucked because of voter laws – you’re fucked because your policies suck and you’re so out of touch with reality that it’s unlikely you’ll ever come back from it. Oh, and if you want to see some actual racist, restrictive voting laws, go check out Delaware – you know, where Joe Biden was Senator forever.

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