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Fake News Monday

If you’ve spent more than five seconds reading this blog you know how much I hate “polls.” They are easily manipulated, they are intentionally misrepresented and frankly are a form of voter suppression. I mean seriously, when the media literally lies to you that “Trump is down 19 points in Wisconsin” do you feel like your vote is going to do him any good at that point? They’re horseshit.

Which is why the main stream media L-O-V-E-S them. And they’ve been going gangbusters lately parsing through the data they like and ignoring the data they don’t to tell you how awesome Joe Biden is.

For instance, Gallup’s most recent “Satisfaction with the United States” survey shows that 32% of the nation is “satisfied” with the way things are going, while 67% is dissatisfied. At this date in Trump’s presidency, the reading was almost exactly the same: 32% satisfied, 66% dissatisfied. That poll gets ignored, however, and NBC this weekend instead went with a poll by Quinnipiac, which shows 48% of respondents approving of the president’s job performance while 42% disapprove. Sounds great, right?

But let’s dig a little deeper into that same poll. Did NBC leave anything out?

In that survey they used a “5 point” measurements system – You know, the old “1 Strongly Disagree – 5 Strongly Agree.” So how many people “strongly approved” of the President? In that case it was only 34%. Interesting considering you’d think damn near all Democrats would say “strongly approve.” The number who answered the lowest possible score “strongly disapprove” was 36%. So more people strongly disapprove than strongly approve. Hmm. Breaking it down even further 38% of those who identified as “independent” strongly disapproved of Biden at a 38% clip.

While NBC and others want you to believe he’s doing awesome, there is a growing bipartisan consensus that maybe Trump wasn’t so wrong about our Southern border – and the Biden administration’s reversal of Trump policies has been nothing short of a complete disaster.

NBC spent a ton of time spouting on about how popular Biden’s “infrastructure” plan is. They left out the part where no one wanted to pay for it though. Funding it through higher corporate taxes or hiking taxes on high earners is acceptable, but few want to pay increased tolls (31%) or higher gas taxes (29%). Of course people are ignorant to think that in the end it won’t be them paying for it through higher prices that corporations will simply pass along to consumers.

Bottom line of course is that the media will only tell you what they want you to hear, think for yourself and look at the details!

3 thoughts on “Fake News Monday”

  1. I LOVED your final comment concerning the “Corporate Tax Increase.” Corporation’s don’t pay taxes. The consumer does. Taxes are simply “The added cost of doing business.” The higher the tax rate, the greater the cost of the product. Oh sure, they may try to keep costs down in the beginning, to stay competitive, by reducing internal overhead. This means more often than not, job losses.

    You’ve got to love morons who think excessive taxation is good. If 10% is ALL God required, why does government want 35%?

  2. Here’s something I’ve been thinking to myself about. If the Fed can just keep printing money, why do we even need to pay taxes? Anybody?

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