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Biscuit of the Week!

Again this was cemented in the last moments of the week, but this week’s winner deserves it so much. Ladies and Gentlemen I present the “main stream media.”

Yah those three – corporations full of morons who want you to actually believe what they say. These days, however, it’s more about what they seem to forget happened and fail to report on it.

These jackasses wasted literally thousands of hours bashing Donald Trump in the beginning of his presidency. RUSSIA! They screamed. Trump is colluding with the Russians! Dan Rather said “there is a hurricane coming for (Trump), let’s call it hurricane Vladimir.”

All of these networks paraded panel member after panel member out to talk about how the “Steele Dossier” was more and more looking like true fact. Yes, we have a videotape of Trump peeing on Russian hookers in Moscow! (They didn’t).

Then, of course, we then found out it was all a huge lie. It was funneled through multiple law firms and management entities – but eventually the truth came out and we learned that the Hillary Clinton campaign actually financed the fake report. If you’re surprised you shouldn’t be, she’s a dirty bitch and THANK GOD she was not elected President. Then again, we might have seen an actual insurrection which could have been fun.

We’ve talked about this on the blog before – but once again there was news out yesterday that is extremely pertinent to “connecting the dots” of how that whole fake report which cost you the taxpayer 30 million dollars in “investigative” costs was basically made up.

Yesterday the Department of Justice special counsel John Durham indicted a Russian national named Igor Dachenko for lying to the FBI. While things aren’t going as fast as most Republicans would like, this was a huge step in continuing to peel back the layers of this conspiracy. Since this was such a huge deal you’d assume (wrongly) that the biscuits above would at least mention it. Here was yesterday’s coverage by the three networks on this story:

ABC – 0 Minutes. NBC – 0 Minutes. CBS – 0 Minutes.

That’s right, none of the three even bothered to mention it – if it doesn’t involve Trump in some negative light why would they bother?

I tell you guys all the time – use your brain. When Democrats tell you that a four trillion dollar spending “won’t cost a dime” then you are smart enough to know you’re being lied to. But be careful, sometimes it’s the things they REFUSE to tell you about that you need to understand for yourself.

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