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Being Left Behind

I’ve got good news and bad news for you. Both are courtesy of the Democrats. And it depends on your skin color. Although maybe not the way you might think.

If you paid attention to the White House press briefing Friday you may have heard some interesting things. As usual, Democrats manipulated statistics to make it sound like they know their ass from a hole in a ground. Jen Psaki noted:

“In total, we’ve created over 4 million new jobs — 832,000 on average for the last three months, with revisions upwards for the last two months. And over the first six months, we’ve created almost 700,000 per month on average. That’s more jobs created faster than any other President’s first six months in history.

In comparison, the previous administration only created 1.1 million jobs in their first six months.”

They really think you are that stupid. So stupid you need a chart be told so.

Well, coming off a pandemic where Donald Trump gave you the vaccine you needed to “get back to normal” I’d hope to hell unemployment would come back quickly. And you didn’t create JACK SHIT – the jobs that were no longer available during the pandemic are now back – mostly servers, hotel workers and of course in Democratic administration – more government workers.

She also forgets to mention how once Trump’s policies took hold in 2017 job creation was off the charts. Let’s compare again after six months Jen, you don’t even have a shot. If this doesn’t piss you off it should – they really want you to believe it’s their policies creating any of this and that they are four times better than the previous administration.

And given all Trump handed you on a silver platter surely you idiots can’t screw that up. Except, can you?

The U.S. Black unemployment rate fell a full percentage point to 8.2% in July – the biggest drop of any major racial or demographic group. But a look behind the numbers reveals a distressing reality.

Nearly 250,000 African Americans left the workforce and the total number employed fell by 12,000 – a measure that rose solidly for Whites, Hispanics and Asians.

That’s right, the White House didn’t bother to tell you that the Black unemployment rate, which reached all time historical lows under the Trump administration’s policies, only got better because African Americans stopped looking for a job. In droves.

Now why in the world would that be the case – as it clearly was not the case for Whites, Hispanics and Asians. I do not know. I’m sure there is more than one reason. But clearly Democrats don’t want you to know the facts of the situation.

During the press conference she was also quick to talk about the special healthcare sign-ups and how President Dementia’s American Rescue Plan was saving families a whopping $50 a month. Wow, fifty bucks! Sounds like enough savings there to be able to afford $3.19/gallon gas.

The administration’s health and human services secretary touted how nearly 16% of new Obamacare signups have been African Americans. Uh hot tip bro – that’s not a good thing – that means more and more people in the black community need government assistance because they can’t get employer based health insurance. It means you have enslaved – not sorry – more of the community to be dependent on you. A vote is a vote I guess.

So here are the facts – in the last six months if you are White, Hispanic or Asian – you’ve benefited from the economy despite Biden’s policies (or really you’ve benefited from the pandemic beginning to fade away). If you’re Black – well, a quarter of a million folks have simply given up. Take from that what you will.

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