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Arguing With A Fencepost

The local bar was more animated than usual after Tuesday’s election results. Frank Gallagher and I sat at the bar and instead of watching game shows as usual we watched politics – purely for the joy of watching Democrats melt down over losing the governor’s race the day before. Needless to say, the excuses poured out faster than Frank shot-gunning a PBR at 11 AM.

The primary reason why McAuliffe lost Tuesday night – you already know it, right?

That’s right – you privileged white suburbanites – this is all your fault. If you are a white woman (or identify as one I guess) you are clearly a KAREN. And you hate blacks. You’d probably sell your house and move if a black family moved into your neighborhood. Every last one of you are racist pieces of shit!

Ok, maybe I’m overreacting there, but I watched more than 5 minutes of More Stuff Not Being Correct (MSNBC) last night and heard more bullshit in that five minutes than I would listening to a two-hour Donald Trump speech on election fraud. My brain is numb and now there’s a damn bullet hole in my TV.

But nothing is as much fun as watching one of my new heroes own these idiots. Winsome Sears was also elected to be Lt. Governor in Virginia Tuesday night – the first black female to ever accomplish such a feat. How in the hell can a bunch of racists elect a black female if they are all truly racist? Because they’re not.

If you haven’t seen her acceptance speech – watch it. It’s an amazing summation of all that was RIGHT with this election and offers hope to us all that common sense and a service mentality are not completely dead in the USA.

You really should watch this – but if you don’t – let me give you the best line from the speech – it’s so chilling and spot on that it gave me goose bumps to hear her say it.

“It’s a historic night. But I didn’t run to make history. I just wanted to leave it better than I found it.” Now find me a progressive Democrat that’s ever said anything even remotely like that. Good luck.

“But you know,” Frank turned to me after watching this, “it won’t matter because trying to engage in a conversation with a liberal is like arguing with a fencepost. The Democrats won’t change their ways because their opinion is the only opinion.”

He’s not wrong.

Screaming at persuadable voters (whom you just failed to persuade) that they are racist is not a winning campaign strategy. Neither is mocking working-class voters who can’t properly define Critical Race Theory. In fact, every time someone brings up CRT, the push back from Democrats is to ask, “Name one classroom in Virginia where CRT was actually taught,” and then to reply when an example is offered, “that’s not actually CRT,” as if that puts parents’ concerns to rest.

Another gal on MSNBC proceeded last night to go so far as to say “Critical Race Theory isn’t even real.” Someone please get me another shot, there’s not much more I can take from these people.

What voters are objected to Tuesday night in Virginia is giving up on the idea of a colorblind society, seeing everything solely through the prism of race (victims and oppressors), and indoctrinating our kids into that worldview.

What parents are objecting to are instances like the training for Loudoun County, Va., public school administrators that, according to David Brooks, taught that “fostering independence and individual achievement” is a hallmark of “white individualism,” or the Williams College professor who told The New York Times last week, “This idea of intellectual debate and rigor as the pinnacle of intellectualism comes from a world in which white men dominated.”

How about we come from a world where common sense dominates? It may not be too much to ask.

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  1. If I say you are a racist and you provide clear evidence to the contrary, it’s either a coincidence or you have twisted my words. Either way, you should be ignored because you are too conservative with your incorrect assessment!
    As Ron White continually states, “You can’t fix stupid”!!

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