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A Huge Difference

There are clearly a number of differences between Democrats and Republicans. How to approach foreign policy, immigration, taxation of both individuals and corporations – the list goes on and on.

But it has become glaringly clear that perhaps the biggest difference is simply this – Republicans follow the rules set forth by the constitution and Democrats don’t want to if it stands in their way.

A few weeks ago the senate parliamentarian ruled against the Democrats on their request that certain legislation be allowed under the “budget reconciliation process.” Democrats wanted to use the process so that Republicans would not be able to filibuster the bill and they’d only need their barely-there majority to pass it.

Democrats went fucking insane. They slammed the parliamentarian. How could they possibly rule against them? They skipped over the part where Democrats had actually put the current parliamentarian into that position, and instead went on a ridiculous campaign to get rid of this blithering idiot standing in the way of their progress.

And then yesterday happened.

Once again Democrats knowing full well they have zero Republican support and maybe not even full Democratic support in the Senate went back to the parliamentarian to see if they could pass their infrastructure spending bill using reconciliation.

The parliamentarian ruled that this process indeed could be done under reconciliation. Chuck Schumer’s office was quick to get out a press release noting this huge victory for Democrats. Isn’t it amazing that suddenly the parliamentarian must be an okay person!? I’m surprised Hollywood or maybe the state of New York didn’t give out some kind of award – Parliamentarian of the Year! Perhaps a Nobel prize for excellence in constitutional scholarship.

The same goes with the filibuster. Its entire intention is to insure that legislation that does get passed does so with at least SOME support from both sides of the aisle. Even the liberal idiot media uses phrases right now like “Democrats are muscling through legislation” and “Using their majority Democrats ram through new rules.”

The idiot progressives like AOC and team have screamed that the filibuster is ridiculous. Of course the only reason they have is that it is standing in the way of their agenda. Perish the thought that they would meet with Republicans and try to make a cogent argument for their ideas and get enough of them on board to pass the legislation. Of course when there is no cogent argument for your ideas I guess that’s too much to ask.

Have you ever heard Republicans cry like babies over the filibuster? I certainly haven’t ever heard them talk about removing the ridiculous parliamentarian because a ruling didn’t go their way. Truly it’s amazing to me how the two parties go about things – one that follows the rules and one that wants to get rid of any rule that stands in their way.

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