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You Better Watch Out!

Are you scared? Think going out to the grocery store is safe? Perhaps getting gas, or catching a movie now that you’re fully vaccinated? Well you better think again.

In their never ending quest to make sure you are afraid and to make you think you need them, Democrats have decided the Delta variant ain’t enough. That damn Ron DeSantis is screwing up everything.

Nope, now you need to grow eyes in the back of your head. Why? Well it’s August, and there will be a white supremacist “activity” coming to an area near you soon!

That’s right, the department of Homeland Security, you know, the guys helping 180,000 illegal aliens cross your southern border every month, has been busy monitoring the online activity of those Trump supporting conspiracy theorists who are going to do… uh… something at any moment now.

The Department of Homeland Security said Friday they have observed “an increasing but modest level of activity online” by people who are calling for violence in response to “baseless claims of 2020 election fraud” and related to the conspiracy theory that former President Donald Trump will be reinstated.

“Some conspiracy theories associated with reinstating former President Trump have included calls for violence if desired outcomes are not realized,” according to a DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis bulletin obtained by ABC News.

Now let’s think about that language for a moment shall we? “An increasing but modest level of activity online.” So basically it’s gone from hardly any activity, despite Joe Biden telling you that white supremacists are the biggest threat facing this country, to “modest activity.” What the hell does that even mean? There are three meatballs out there talking about knocking off the local 7-11 because Apu runs the place instead of 2?

Or is it perhaps not American citizens at all? Wait a minute, Homeland Security admits this might be the case as well:

“The current threat environment is one which is fueled in large part by conspiracy theories and other false narratives that are spread online by foreign governments, by foreign terrorist groups and by domestic extremist thought leaders, and are consumed by individuals who are predisposed to engage in violence,” the spokesperson for DHS said Friday.

So the real threat is the fact that Facebook, Twitter, etc allow foreign governments to use their platform to incite Bubba J and the boys down at the Oasis to go kill some liberals. Seems like they would kick them off, you know, kind of like they did to a certain former president.

So here’s what you need to know. Your government has been far too busy binge-watching Justified and not nearly busy enough shutting down bad actors on Facebook. And as far as a “white supremacist activity” coming to a place near you soon? Well, let’s say I’m not worried about it and you shouldn’t be either.

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