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Worth 9 Minutes of Your Time

I’ve said this on this blog many, many times – I am POSITIVE that there are genuine cases of gender dysphoria in this world and all of those children need to be taken care of mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

But that does not change the simple fact that what is going on here is … well it’s mostly bullshit. When even Bill Maher recognizes that these numbers can’t possibly be right we should stand up and listen.

Parents all over the country are now taking on school boards as they’ve learned what their kids have actually been taught. And it ain’t just reading, writing and arithmetic. They stopped paying attention, and the “left” took advantage of them not looking. I urge parents that the history their kids are being taught isn’t the only thing harmful going on in schools everywhere either. Check it out:

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  1. As a parent of a high school junior soon to be senior the numbers are no where near right. They now have groups for those who are LGBT at school and not even 2% of the student identify as this. It’s crazy

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