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Where exactly does it end?

Imagine you are a decorated and celebrated professional in a school system. You’re a coach. You’re a sponsor of various school clubs. The students love you. You’re creating a legacy of positive influence on every student you interact with.

Until your liberal school board strikes.

The board, like others who are now being clobbered by parents who’ve actually started paying attention, decided that the school system needed a gender identity policy. Teachers would be required to call students by the name they desired and use pronouns of their choosing as well.

This didn’t sit well with French teacher Peter Vlaming, a religious man. He didn’t have a problem with a current student who wanted to be called by a chosen boy name versus her (?) actual name. But he wasn’t about to deal with the pronoun silliness, and he spoke up to the school board about it.

“My religious faith dictates that I am to love and respect everyone, whether I agree with them or not. Because we are all made in God’s image,” Vlaming said, reading from a prepared opening statement during a public hearing. “I am also aware of, and agree, with speech limits that are placed on public school teachers, concerning matters of religious faith. I represent the state in my role as a public school teacher and therefore speak with a certain authority. That authority is not to be used to promote any one specific worldview, and I don’t. However, we are here today because a specific worldview is being imposed upon me,” he continued.

The board of course fired him, clearly guilty of having an opinion different than theirs.

So Vlaming sued the school board, which is exactly what he should do.

A state trial judge in June 2021 issued a temporary injunction in favor of the teacher after analyzing the case under Pickering v. Board of Education of Township High School District 205, a 1968 Supreme Court decision which held that a teacher’s speech on a matter of public concern is protected under the First Amendment if it outweighs the employer’s interests in workplace efficiency and lack of disruption.

Initially a court ruled to dismiss Vlamings’ case. Can only imagine how much of a liberal idiot that judge was.

But maybe, just maybe common sense can prevail here. Maybe.

Last week the Virginia Supreme Court agreed to hear the case. In agreeing to do so they said: ““He was opposing a policy that might burden his freedoms of expression and religion by requiring him to speak and interact with students in a way that affirms gender transition, a concept he rejects for secular and spiritual reasons,” the court said. “Under such circumstances, Cross’ interest in making his public comments was compelling.” They noted the school board’s arguments were “comparatively weak.”

Good luck sir, we are all hopeful that the court finds in your favor.

3 thoughts on “Where exactly does it end?”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Yes, God speed in your fight to oppose secular indoctrination. We must stand up for what is right. To remain silent in the face of evil is to support its position.

  2. The older I get, the more out of step I am with the cultural impositions of the Woke world in which we find ourselves

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