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What The Hell Is Going On?

Watching the Biden administration operate reminds me a lot of that old cartoon where the character sticks his finger in the leaky dyke to plug a hole. And then another hole pops out and he puts another finger in. And then another pops. And another. And another.

This seems to be exactly what is going on right now, and it seems the dam may break any moment.

First there is the withdrawal from Afghanistan. We won’t beat that up too much because we’ve already kicked it around pretty good on the blog. But yesterday you may have seen three separate generals testify before congress that they had recommended leaving forces behind and not just yanking everyone out at once. When confronted with this, Joe Biden said “I don’t recall being told that.” Pretty sure he doesn’t recall what he had for dinner last night either.

Then there is the incredibly ridiculous story of Marine Commander Stuart Shelter had the audacity to go on Youtube the other day and ask who was going to be held responsible for that disaster. He even said “I’m likely going to lose my commission and my retirement.” It appears he’s right. The military has not only stripped him of his command but they’ve imprisoned him.

And what crime has he been charged with? They haven’t told him. That’s right, just get your ass in jail and shut the hell up. I’m honestly stoked for the guy when he finds out how much some go fund me that gets set up for him nets down the road when patriots like readers of this blog and a million others send the guy ten bucks. It will be epic.

Then a few days ago we trotted old Alexander Mayorkas in front of congress to talk about the ridiculousness of our southern border. After saying it wasn’t happening, he admitted that the US had let at least 12,000 Haitians loose in the country, as long as they promised they’d show up at an ICE center somewhere within 60 days to have their hearing. I’m sure they’ll get right on that. When pressed about the number he admitted “it might be more.” Might be?

Even former president Obama gave an interview to one of the fake news networks where he said the current border situation is “unsustainable.” As you might expect most of his comments on that were edited out of the interview. We can’t have shit like that getting on television, now can we?

Oh and did you hear the government may shut down? Both sides will blame each other, they always do. But I sure wish someone, hell ANYONE in that town had a set of balls to shake our lame ass broken system up. Oh wait, he was (apparently) voted out.

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