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Warped View Monday

This one is pretty rich. The title itself of course made me curious to click it, and I was not disappointed by the idiocy level. This guy’s meter is way up there.

Did you know that it is in fact REPUBLICANS that want to run your life, not big government advocating Democrats? Who knew!

Read through that, hopefully you haven’t had stomach issues recently because that article will only make it worse. Where to start …

Let’s start with their very first attempt at a point. “Republican lawmakers are banning masks in schools.”

If you can find me a Republican who is banning masks in school I’ll give you a hundred bucks. No, what Republican governors and legislators have been doing is banning mask MANDATES. Why? Because we actually believe in liberty and choice. You should not be FORCED to do that. If you want to wear a mask – please, be my guest. Want your kid to wear a mask? Slap one on them and send them on their way. But the liberal fake news media spews out exactly the crap this idiot makes in their opening salvo.

Attempt number two: Republicans are on their way to banning abortion. Forget the argument that personal responsibility has consequences, but they contradict themselves in the same damn paragraph. Republicans don’t want live human beings killed, and they believe once their is a heartbeat you shouldn’t be killing a living human being. Let’s not forget that the same day the DOJ was saying they’d challenge the law in Texas in court that the White House also told all Americans that it is NOT your body your choice, your ass needs to get vaccinated and there is no excuse.

The third one is possibly the most ridiculous claim. Republicans are FORBIDDING teachers to discuss America’s racist past. This is again total malarkey as President Dementia would say. It forbids critical race theory, a re-writing and OPINIONATED bit of research that’s ridiculous. No one said we aren’t going to teach about slavery, the Civil War, the civil rights movement and other important moments where racism was clearly in the spot light in our history. It’s total spin, and it’s simply not true. Not that liberals care about the truth.

Point 4 – Republicans are forcing a human with a vagina to use the WOMEN’S restroom and humans with a PENIS to use the MEN’S restroom. My reply: SO WHAT.

And lastly, one of the left’s favorite lies lately – Republicans are making it “harder to vote.” No, they are making it harder to cheat. They want us to have confidence in our elections. When we wake up the day after election day I want to be able to look at the numbers and have faith in them. DON’T YOU DEMOCRATS?

The bottom line is this article is basically a loony basket of liberal spin on the popular topics of the day. I know you aren’t fooled. Most with a brain capable of critical thinking cut through this BS like butter.

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