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Today’s Racist Institution Is …

I picked up my empty glass of beer and gave it a quick shake at Jennifer when she passed by to let her know I’d have another. Frank, always there to correct me when I’m in the wrong, set me straight immediately.

“You know,” he said, “that the service industry and waitress jobs in particular are the result of slavery, right?”

I guess I didn’t know that. And last I checked Jennifer is white as a sheet, but now my curiosity was aroused. So I had to go find where such a fact could have come from. Lo and behold it did in fact come from – the internet! Bastion of all things truth and knowledge.

Here’s the gem of an article that started the whole conversation, a piece from the good old Daily Beast by Saru Jayaraman (say that five times real fast!):

He at least starts out with the truth – there are an unprecedented number of openings in the service industry across the country right now. And why is that? According to Saru, it’s because of the “low wages and tips.” If he means low compared to Democrat backed government handouts he may be right. The work to reward ratio is certainly greater from one’s couch playing Xbox and getting paid.

And of course because the whole industry is, say it with me, RACIST. He clues you in: “So this isn’t, as many industry representatives would have you believe, a shortage of workers. It’s a wage shortage that is racist and sexist in that it disproportionately affects women and people of color, and is a legacy of slavery.”

I’m gonna go with:

He throws in the fact that the National Restaurant Association is obviously racist because it was founded by white men in 1919. 102 years later I’m certain all those same guys are running the show. < insert eye roll here>

Playing the race card early in article can be dangerous, especially when you back it up with bullshit, which is what Saru proceeds to do.

He notes that many restaurant workers were denied unemployment insurance and cites one study by someone you’ve never heard of to back up his claims. The primary reason is because the “base pay was to low to qualify.” If you actually click the link and go read the report, however, you’ll find the report specifically notes that some servers may have inadvertently screwed themselves by intentionally under-reporting their tips. Whoops!

He then launches a classic lie, which is that the minimum wage for servers is $2.13/hour. That’s not true at all. The federal minimum wage is $7.25/hour, period. If a server does not average at LEAST $7.25/hour the employer is still required to pay them that.

Pro tip: If you are a server at a restaurant and aren’t making at least $15/hour including your tips, find a different restaurant, your customers and your job suck.

The rambling continues when he talks about how the moment someone on unemployment is offered a job they no longer qualify for benefits. That may be the rule, but we all know it’s bullshit. Ask any restaurant owner right now and they’ll tell you the truth: They may get 15 applications, and if they are lucky they’ll get one hire out of it. The rest of the applicants “ghost” the employer but report to the state that they were looking for work and applied at places. It’s a time honored game of staying on the dole.

He then goes on to cite statistics that talk about how women of color make less than white men and women. I would argue he may actually be on to something there, but it isn’t because they are black women of color, it’s because the vast majority of those workers are working and living in large metropolitan areas. These are run by Democrats whose policies have destroyed their cities and kept them in poverty with tons of promises but only ever delivering them failure. We know the cities. Detroit. Baltimore. Washington DC. New York City. The list goes on.

We remember the recent report of cities with the worst crime rates, 19 of the top 20 were democrat controlled cities. No one is surprised.

Saru rambles on and on, if you’re needing something to help ease you into a nap you can go click on that bad boy and read the whole thing. Me personally I didn’t make it to the end to read his conclusion since all the argument he was making prior to it was wrong anyway.

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  1. Brilliant as always. Thank you Chance-a-roni for contributing to the general knowledge of all us biscuit-heads. Keep up the good work my man.

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