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Thursday! Random in 3..2..1

The thoughts may be random but the headlines are real – believe them or not. The order – well, that’s definitely random.

I’ll say this much – at least the communist news network has been what I’d call “somewhat critical” of Biden and what we can all agree is a complete and unmitigated disaster. How anyone can say THAT with a straight face is clearly President of the Democrats Fan Club.

It’s hard to say how much Meth this dude is probably on, but clearly someone whispered in his ear that there might just be some money to be made. I’m guessing, however, that kid’s parents cashed in and signed something thirty years ago pretty much guaranteeing he’d not see a dime in his middle age.

I’m just curious, will these, um, residents, still be put in chains and leg shackles when they go to court out of “respect for humanity?” Please I’m begging the liberals – stop being so damn stupid.

Yes – because of the number of people who quit looking for a job, not because of anything Biden has done.

If there were 200,000 people a month coming across the border with hundreds of them dying and Trump were president, CNN and MSNBC would be running a real time ticker on screen of the number of deaths he’d caused. Of course if Trump was President there wouldn’t be 200,000 people coming across the border every month now would there?

Wait, isn’t it xenophobic to not allow foreigners to just flood into your country with money they’ve made in who knows what way and gobble up your citizens’ housing stock? I thought Canada was woke!? By the way – this is happening all across the US too – you’ve been warned.

To anyone who voted for Biden: Do you think for even one second they would have said that to Donald Trump? AND got away with it? We are being “led” by a dementia riddle pussy.

Stop. Please just stop. Newsflash to the feminists out there: There are a LOT of women out there who LIKE having a strong man leading a nuclear family. Enjoy your misery.

But … but… the Democrats keep telling me that the entire system is racist and there is NO WAY you can be successful in this country without showing your white privilege card at the door! This can’t be possible in this racist full of white supremacists country! Are you trying to tell me that ANYONE with a great idea and some work ethic can succeed without the help of the government!?!??!!

Happy Thursday kids – have a great day!

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Wonderful. I love them all. I especially loved the comment regarding feminism. If they want us to accept them, they must also accept us.

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