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Thoughts on “The News”

My musings on this week’s news.

With no real surprise Joe Biden told Anderson Cooper that when he came into the office that “there was nothing in the refrigerator, figuratively and literally speaking” in regards to the Covid vaccine.

I mean there is bullshit and there is bullshit right? Perhaps President Dementia actually forgot that he received his vaccine – before he was even in office. Must have been the only bottle in the fridge and he cleaned it out.

In the meanwhile there are reports that ICE detainees waiting to be deported have received the vaccine. You know, getting in front of people… well people like you.

He also had to correct his press secretary who had contradicted Biden’s promise that schools would be “fully open” within his first 100 days of office. She noted that it would be only one day a week in an earlier press conference. He noted this was “a miscommunication.” Perhaps she should be better prepared before stepping out in front of the adoring fans, err, I mean the press corp.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has also found himself in hot water as his scandal over nursing home deaths in New York grows. It is being reported now that the FBI has opened up an inquiry into what actually happened there, because it takes a genius to figure it out apparently.

Trump set up facilities and sent the city the USNS Comfort to help with the early days of the pandemic. Unwilling to give Trump any credit whatsoever this jackass instead forced nursing homes to take back in infected Covid patients. This in turn infected a large number of at-risk folks and killed them off at rates far higher than other states were experiencing. And then his administration intentionally under reported the numbers. Oops.

He’s a murderer. Even CNN knows it as they have now slowly started to slide away from their often on governor by finally announcing suddenly that they will no longer allow him to be on with his brother Chris who as you know is a CNN prime time anchor. I guess after a year of Trump bashing on their show they’ve finally decided that maybe this is a “conflict of interest.” No shit, ya think?

And finally the New York Times continues to show just how low of an organization the once great (and now completely shit) newspaper has become with today’s obituary over conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh’s death.

Their headlines and stories include words you would expect: “Weaponizing bigotry.” “Spewing venom.” “Misogynistic.” And of course the ever popular “RACIST!”

The cowards at the New York Times are all walking around with erections today because they can call Rush out and not worry about him making them look as stupid as they are with his reply. That’s okay, any idiot can see where the “venom” is really being spewed. To the New York Times I offer a simple thought.

Personally I never really listened to Rush, but he clearly struck a cord with one hell of a lot of people and the Times should beware who they skewer in their demise.

If you have some time I would tell you to look up Rush’s speeches and thoughts on American exceptionalism. He’s 100% spot on about it – there literally have been societies on this planet for several hundred years longer than the United States and we’ve surpassed them all in so many ways. Technology. Innovation. Standard of Living. Seeing how we are all “immigrants” in one way or another what’s allowed us to do that? He sums that up succinctly: The Constitution. The Bill of Rights. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. All the things so many these days would burn down.

Rest In Peace Sir.

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