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This Week in News

Well another week is in the books and the phrase same shit different day certainly seem to apply. I suppose the biggest thing that happened this past week was the Democratic party passed an enormous Blue State bailout bill, err, I mean Covid relief bill, adding not quite two trillion dollars to the national debt. They claim that it won’t be inflationary but anyone who has stopped at a gas pump since Biden took over knows better don’t they?

President Biden addressed the nation Thursday night and managed to read off a teleprompter for nearly twenty minutes without falling asleep so I owe several of you a Coke.

His speech was full of spin, half truths and some flat out complete bullshit – read the details of that by visiting my now nearly famous biscuit of the week post from Friday. We are now fifty three days into what will be one of the shorter lived presidencies in history and he’s not held a press conference and they won’t even think about letting him attempt a state of the union address. Let me sum it up for you: The leader of the free world has dementia and and we now have $30,000,000,000,000 in debt as a country. The end.

Las Vegas has actually now opened some betting lines on whether or not Biden will last four years. I think it’s safe to say that you can take the under on that one. Several polls, if you believe them, seem to indicate that a great many Biden voters are feeling like they got duped (they did).

The student loan crowd is going insane that he hasn’t just forgiven them their debt, the $2,000 stimulus checks he promised are now $1,400 (and not as many people as last time are going to get them as got the last check), and Nancy Pelosi gets a new train in her district and Chuck Schumer several infrastructure projects for New York. What next, $3 gas?

In a move worthy of a Biscuit of the Week Award the US Office of Special Counsel sent the Oswego New York County Sheriff a letter telling him he was in violation of the Hatch Act. Why? Because during a Trump boat rally last summer one of the participants gave the Sheriff a Trump flag and he allowed his deputies to fly the flag as they floated around providing security during the event.

Your Democratic party folks – spending your tax dollars on making sure a sheriff in nowhere New York isn’t flying a Trump flag on his boat in violation of an Act that no one has ever been prosecuted under which was passed in 1939. Meanwhile Iran, China and Russia I’m sure are all sitting back and laughing at the stupidity of it all. At this point I guess I’ll just be ready for when we get attacked – and we will be attacked.

So this week should be a doozy, we’ll see spending galore as stimulus and tax refunds roll in and we’ll revel in a red bull fueled economy for a few more months until it all comes crashing down. Save your cash kids, you’re going to need it. Tune in for more on the blog this week, there will be some true facts, stock market analysis, general hoopla and another biscuit of the week! Have a good week everyone!

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