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They Really Piss Me Off

I’m equal opportunity when it comes to Democrat and Republican lawmakers – I think pretty much all of them are dumbasses. Ok, ok, more Democrats than Republicans, but that’s a matter of my belief on what is and isn’t the right path and policies for the country.

Today in front of congress, however, the stupidity of the left was on full display as attorney general Merrick Garland looked them in the face and told them the biggest national security threat facing this nation is – you guessed it – white supremacy.

That’s right – white supremacists are THE BIGGEST THREAT to the security of these great United States.

Not China, who on a daily basis steals our intellectual property.

Not Iran, who every day creeps a tad bit closer to nuclear power.

Not North Korea, who just randomly fires off rockets for fun.

And of course not Russia. I mean, it’s not like they just hacked the largest pipeline supply to the southeastern United States and caused a gas shortage and energy disruption or anything.

And it’s not Antifa either – Garland considers them to be “a loosely organized network of leftist radicals who aren’t generally believed to be a threat to national security.” No apparently just a threat to small businesses owners and downtown areas, no big deal.

No sir, it’s this guy:

Please say it with me. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Funny how I see and hear none of this with my own eyes. You’d think Qanon would like a conservative guy like me to join the team. No calls yet, perhaps the white supremacist recruiters just haven’t gotten to me on their call list. They could surely get my number from the knuckleheads that want to buy my house.

Wait, it must be a fox news thing! But alas, I watched Fox business most of the day as the stock market melted down over the inflation I’ve been warning you about for a while now on the blog, and didn’t see one Qanon recruitment commercial. Is there like an 800 number or something?

If you’ve been recruited to a local white supremacist group meeting perhaps you could drop that in the comments below. I won’t hold my breath.

Random side note – I’ll put a link to the article here that has set me off on this rant, but here is my favorite paragraph from the whole thing:

“Republicans continue to insist that antifa and Black Lives Matter are as great a threat to national security as white supremacy, though research has shown that most of last summer’s Black Lives Matter-inspired protests were peaceful. While some violence and looting did occur, intense media coverage — in particular by conservative outlets like Fox News — may have provided a distorted image of those protests.”

There are all the buzzwords I have told you to look for: “Most,” “may have,” “research.” And of course it’s Fox News’ fault – those pesky conservative outlets and their actual reporting. I mean CNN said it was peaceful ya know.

Here’s the article. It sucks.

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