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The Week in News

Another week has passed us by. The opportunity for everyone to come together under the Joe Biden unity plan failed to unite anybody and no one is surprised.

In the four years of the Trump presidency it was, frankly, an amazing job the leftist media did to spin every single word of every sentence Trump uttered into “he’s lying.” They literally would do this from a sentence where he said “but” and they wanted to hear “however.” They kept a running tally of the lies they said he was telling while ignoring things like low insulin prices, tax cuts, a roaring stock market and unemployment numbers that hadn’t been seen in this country for forty years.

But when Joe Biden just directly spouts bullshit they don’t care. Even the Washington-Amazon Post gave Biden four pinocchios this week for saying that the new Georgia voting law “ends voting hours early.” This is not spin it’s just flat out false. But Democrats continue to use the old mantra of “if I say it over and over maybe people will just believe it.” Or maybe they’ll just read the bill, what a concept.

CNN, meanwhile, failed to report on that story at all, and it was glossed over by the rest of the media.

Biden also gave a speech on gun control this week that was, as usual, painful to watch. He stumbled through it, at one point referring to the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (the ATF) as the “AFT.” At least he had all the letters right. He also said something that the media buried faster than a witness to a mafia hit. The quote: “No amendment to the constitution is absolute.”

Uh, what? Well sorry to tell you this African Americans, but that whole 13th amendment abolishing slavery, well, we didn’t mean all slavery. Of course we already knew that since Democrats have been enslaving large portions of black communities with poor policies for decades I suppose.

Oh, and all you women casting votes after that 19th amendment – well, since nothing is absolute sounds like that could be taken away if congress thought it necessary. Imagine a Republican super majority where they announced anyone stupid enough to have ever worn a pink pussy hat or called Trump a bad name on twitter just lost their right to vote. Nothing is absolute in the constitution according to Biden so why would you think that is far fetched?

Speaking of Twitter, this week they attempted to eat their own in a story that’s honestly scary as hell. A leftist podcaster named Ryan Wentz, who goes by the twitter handle @queeralamode, posted a video of a livestream where congresswoman Alexandria Acasio-Cortez was being interviewed about relations between Israel and Palestine. Given that the topic is one that has taxed even great scholars you can imagine that AOC gave the kind of responses you’d expect from a bartender/server turned politician.

Wentz pointed out in the tweet that her responses were “underwhelming.” Something probably even some of her twitter followers thought too but just didn’t say.

Two weeks later two uniformed police officers showed up at Wentz’s house to talk to him about threatening the congresswoman. Fox News jumped on this story and claimed it was over Wentz’s tweet regarding the Israel/Palestine interview, but capitol police later clarified and said it was over a tweet by ANOTHER user who threatened AOC and “tagged” Wentz in the tweet.

So get this clear – if some knucklehead says he’s going to ax murder AOC and tags you in it, you best get to deleting that shit because they are coming to see you. Or maybe it was just the fact that he disagreed with AOC, you be the judge.

Finally, in a tweet that made her runner-up for Biscuit of the Week Senator Kristin Gillibrand, Democrat from New York, spouted off that many things are considered “infrastructure” in President Biden’s latest attempt to spend billions of dollars on things that are really not infrastructure but calling them infrastructure anyway. So we consult our friends at Merriam- Webster for help:

Infrastructure (Noun): the system of public works of a country, state, or region also : the resources (such as personnel, buildings, or equipment) required for an activity.

Gillbrand took that to mean this:

In a nod to the Alanis Morissette classic “Ironic,” a song about a lot of bad things happening that are not really ironic, one clever user responded to the Senator with this:

With Democrats sometimes it’s just shooting fish in a barrel. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. Yes, just like the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act – of the $1.9T, 9% went directly to Coronavirus related expenses, and the remaining 81% went to bail out the s**thole cities that have been circling the drain due to the failed policies of the dumbass Democrats.

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