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The News

It’s hard to hide from, but the bullshit pile is getting deeper all the time and is threatening to cover us all.

I got a kick out of this little headline today:

On the face of this you know it’s a complete farce, right? I mean shit, they are always crying about the 1%, so why only .3%? Are we giving a break to the .7% making up the rest of the 1%?

Raising capital gains taxes affects every single person with an interest in the stock market, either directly or indirectly. It very much influences buying and selling decisions. That does make sense, right? RIGHT?

If you own a stock and have a $1,000 gain in it you might sell it to raise some cash. If the rate is 15%, it’s not so bad to only have to give Uncle Sam $150. But if the rate is 40%, it seems to make more sense to just hold on to it and not lose $400 to the government. This affects us personally as well as everyone who manages money for anyone. Depending on what quick google search you want to believe, somewhere around two out of three households own a 401k or some form of retirement plan tied to the stock market.

The White House can do that math, it’s about 66.67%. Seems higher than .3% to me anyway.

You may have also seen news regarding the Flu season from last year. Apparently there were only 2,000 cases of the flu in the United States last year.

The CDC and “health officials” said they felt that the lockdowns, social distancing measures and mask use essentially eradicated the flu. So I guess I have to ask this:

If those measures eradicated the flu last year, how the hell did Covid rage through the country? I mean I thought the masks and measures in place worked? Apparently on the flu but not on the Covid!

I’m stopping at two examples today – but two pretty obvious ones. Use your brain kids, question the bullshit, and do it before it’s so far over your head that there’s no escape.

2 thoughts on “The News”

  1. The media lies so often , it should be sued for abuse of the 1st Amendment. To be complicit, with EITHER PARTY, is NOT the job of the media. It was the job of Goebbels, NOT the media.

    What ever happened to investigative journalism. I’m not talking about the type which tries to prove the lies the DNC is shoveling (The ONLY “Shovel Ready” project they’ve ever truly had), but the nuts and bolts of a rumor. Is it true? Is it false? What are the “5 W’s and an H?” No opinion, FACTS. Undistorted facts.

    Our nation is lost because our media has sold its soul to progressivism.

  2. Actually, Ol’ Sleepy Joe might be right – by his statement, he may have telegraphed the next vacuum job by the upper reaches of the elite. Here’s how I figure.

    The market is a zero sum game. So, as is typical, in the next inevitable market downturn which may less resemble a downturn, and more resemble going vertical off a cliff, the .3% or for those who struggle with math, 3 people out of 1000, may very well be the only ones affected by an increase in the capital gains tax because they will be the only ones with capital “gains”.

    As money in the upcoming engineered crash goes from “weak hands” to “strong hands”, as it always does, the top .3% will realize a capital gain, that will exactly offset the capital loss of the 99.7%.

    You guessed it, the 401K crowd will be snookered again. That’s the whole reason that we’ve done away with defined benefit plans (pensions), and instituted defined contribution plans. With 401K’s, for the .3% crowd, it’s like taking candy from babies.

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