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The Lame Stream Media

I almost spared Joe Biden this week’s biscuit of the week award in favor of someone else. In 2018 the Communist News Network (CNN) and More Stuff Not Being Correct (MSNBC) had found themselves a hero – former anti-trump lawyer Michael Avenatti.

The two literally foamed at the mouth and he became a regular guest on multiple shows on the fake news networks. He had all the traits they valued most dearly: He claimed to “have the dirt” on Trump (he didn’t). He was willing to bash Trump. He was willing to make shit up about Trump.

They literally called him a rock star. A quick google search asking the simple question “How often did Michael Avenatti appear as a guest on CNN or MSNBC?” resulted in the number 108. One Hundred and Eight. I’m going to go with that out of all those appearances not a single one was to praise Trump for something. Another article I found claimed he was on various other programs for a combined grand total of 254 appearances. Many liberal knuckleheads openly asked whether he would just end up in the Senate go ahead and run for President against Trump in 2020.

Take two minutes and watch this shit:

The problem, of course, is that it turns out he was nothing but a lying, deceptive, manipulative, thieving son of a bitch.

His most famous client, porn star Stormy Daniels, has now admitted she believes he embezzled $300,000 from her. “He was a man you wanted to trust and believe in, but the longer I knew him I began witnessing his lies and dishonesty until I realized I too became his victim,” she said in a statement Thursday.

Her statement was in reaction to news yesterday that Avenatti has been sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for an extortion attempt against Nike.

Needless to say in early 2019 when it came out that he was being indicted on extortion charges his cheerleaders on the fake news network ran away from him faster than a bat out of hell.

The man who was “saving the republic” suddenly disappeared from the airwaves.

So of course I went out to the CNN and MSNBC websites this morning around 11 am to see if i could find the story of Avenatti’s 2.5 year jail sentence on the front page of their sites.

Of course not. But you can find seven articles belittling or crying about Donald Trump if you’re interested.

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