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The Lame Stream Media

The “media” that we all accuse of being cheerleaders for the Democratic party (they are) continues to do their best to spin narratives and stupidity – but we are here to call that shit out.

The following article appeared in the Associated Press and basically says Fox News and Republicans are racists, particularly when it comes to protesting. The article of course is full of shit, but read it for yourself:

Are these people living on the same planet that we are? I’ve watched the boycott convoy in Canada the last ten days or so. I’ve seen no buildings burning. I’ve seen no one shot or seriously injured. Yet the AP writers here once again go back and actually have the gall to compare this to the 2020 Minnesota protests.

Yes, once again the AP refers to the summer of 2020 as “mostly peaceful.”

Fortunately in today’s age most of the citizens of this country understand that what they see with their own eyes is the actual truth.

There is a reason CNN is falling apart, firing Cuomo, then their fake news in chief in charge, and then making matters worse firing his girlfriend a few weeks later. Nobody believes their bullshit anymore, and they shouldn’t. Some still do, but we’re never going to convince an entire country, some simply will refuse to believe it until the war is over. And then they’ll wonder what happened. It’s happening right in front of our eyes and I’m loving it.

2 thoughts on “The Lame Stream Media”

  1. “I know the public doesn’t believe us but I think it might, well maybe, well potentially could be true . . . . . . . . but only if I spin it right”! Dadgum, I’m a really good reporter!!!!!!!

  2. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    The incredibly vague statement of, “largely”, or “mostly peaceful” implies that if only 49% of the “protesters” engaged in riots, looting & arson, it was fine, the demonstrators were peaceful. Wow.

    The Democrats (and scores of Republicans) are WANTING our nation to deteriorate into utter chaos & division. Once this has been achieved, Marshal Law will be implemented, all in the name of “maintaining the peace.”

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