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The Evacuation of Atlanta

When most of us think of Atlanta we think about insane drivers going down I-75 at rates of speed most of us will never travel. Or maybe that’s just my experience.

But the flagship home of the Communist News Network has much bigger issues than speeding motorists, and those issues combined with a pandemic proving that work from home is a viable solution has driven an all out evacuation of Atlanta. Why? Well, because of liberal idiocy of course.

Let’s drill down into the once tony area of Buckhead. This enclave of the well-to-do was ridiculously white from a demographic standpoint compared to the rest of the city. The metro population of Atlanta is just under six million people, but Buckhead counts around 80,000 residents. How exclusive is Buckhead? Well, they make up 1.4% of the metro’s population but their taxes account for 20% of the city’s entire budget.

For decades, various mayors of Atlanta have attacked Buckhead, as if there’s something offensive or immoral about maintaining a clean and orderly neighborhood. For the most part, the residents of Buckhead have taken this abuse in silence. Complaining seemed impolite. So they’ve continued to send huge amounts of money to a city government that hates them. For politicians in Atlanta, it’s been a very good deal—attack Buckhead and take the dough. But that deal could soon be ending.

Then came the shooting in the Wendy’s parking lot of Rayshard Brooks last summer. If you’ve seen that video it’s painful to watch. Of course the liberal idiot mayor not only did not have the police officers back in the shooting, but played up to the hate and divide liberals cause in this country. Without pausing for an investigation, she immediately fired the officer who shot Brooks and then issued a predictably self-righteous press release about it.

Since liberals don’t consider the consequences of their actions this led to a police department that suddenly had a lot fewer cops. Over one hundred officers quit the force after seeing how that officer was castigated by the mayor and the media. I don’t blame them. So who suffered most? Well the entire city, but particularly Buckhead.

In Buckhead, murders year-to-date are up almost 50 percent—that’s a lot of new dead people. Robberies and aggravated assaults are up by nearly 40 percent. Car thefts are up 65 percent. Lenox Square mall in Buckhead, one of the first indoor shopping malls in the United States, is now too dangerous to visit.

The residents have had enough. Two bills currently in the Georgia state legislature would allow Buckhead to leave the city of Atlanta, run its own competent police department and resume being a safe, nice place.

And of course the local cable news giant had thoughts on this.

CNN coverage of Buckhead story June 7: BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN ANCHOR:  The mostly white neighborhood of Buckhead is pushing to separate from the rest of the city. CNN’s Ryan Young has more from Atlanta // RYAN YOUNG, CNN REPORTER: The Buckhead exploratory committee reports they’ve raised over a half a million dollars and is now pushing state lawmakers to push through a bill that would allow their cityhood petition to be voted on in the next election. The predominantly white neighborhood’s movement is gaining traction with Republican lawmakers.

Are you getting the dog whistles? “Mostly white.” “Predominately white.” Got it? If you’re opposed to getting murdered outside Cheesecake Factory, you’re a white supremacist.

Meanwhile the metro area is experiencing “white flight” like never before. With Atlanta in the news so much recently most of you know the city is now 50% black. That’s simply a fact. Why? Because everyone who is white is leaving. Again, just a fact. With work from home becoming so pervasive during the pandemic, it suddenly seems viable to head for the hills and leave the crime behind, and people have done just that.

I suddenly understand now why all those motorists are driving so fast – with leadership like that I’d be trying to get the hell out of Atlanta as fast as I could too.

Author note: Some statistical excerpts in this article were originally reported by Fox News.

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