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The Assault on Tucker Carlson

If there is one thing that the left wing media hates is the truth, especially when it blows holes in their own concocted narratives.

A recent LA Times article openly questioned why, despite the woke mob shaming a few advertisers to abandon him, that Fox still employs him. They then openly wonder how he’s still able to be Fox’s number one personality with his racist views and support of white supremacy.

It is, of course, because he’s not racist and he doesn’t support white supremacy. Seeing how he is still the number one rated cable news show – by a country mile – tells me that at least three million viewers a night are on the same page with me.

Here’s the article – it’s a real doozy of a hate fest (funny how they are allowed to literally hate him and Fox News but hate against anything else is worthy of the death penalty):

Let’s answer their question – How does the show survive? Well, if you actually watch it, it is one of the few shows on cable news where he invites open an honest discussion of the problems facing this country, and is willing to invite a wide range of opinions to the program.

He has invited to the show people he vigorously disagrees with – and they sit and have an open conversation. Sometimes they even find common ground (insert “concept” gif again here).

The article above mentions nowhere things he repeatedly says on the show: We (Fox and he) denounce hate. We denounce violence. We denounce white supremacy. We denounce injustice.

But it’s as if the media doesn’t even watch. Everything that article above says he has done is a lie. If you watch the show you know each and every arrow they sling is crooked and out of context. It’s a joke. It’s a falsehood. And getting out your thesaurus to write articles is the ultimate clue that an author has no credibility (febrile, really?).

They cannot hardly believe that someone can actually talk about the truth of matters in this country, and do it with both professional insight and a snarky brand of sarcasm that frankly makes me laugh out loud. The guy reminds me of … well me lol.

I invite the main stream media to continue their hate. Their journey to the dark side is nearly complete.

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