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Taxpayer Supported Baby

I think we can all agree that it’s a lot of fun to spend money – especially when it is someone else’s money. Hard not to enjoy browsing through the store using a gift card someone else gave you. It’s fun!

Now imagine if you had trillions – wow! And would it be even more fun if nobody was paying any attention to you spending their money. Enter Democrats and Joe Biden’s completely unnecessary American Rescue Plan (ARP) – a $1.9 trillion dollar catastrophe that is at least partly responsible for the inflation and supply chain issues we have.

Now that a lot of that money has been doled out, we have some data on where it went – here are some examples – and remember, the ARP was a response to Covid-19. Not a Democrat wish list. Or maybe it was …

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), which received $135 million from the plan, announced last October that it had allocated $87.8 million in ARP funds to “nearly 300 cultural and educational institutions to help them recover from the economic impact of the pandemic, retain and rehire workers, and reopen sites, facilities, and programs.”

However, projects that had little to do with addressing recovery efforts from the pandemic, according to research from American Crossroads were shared to media outlets. 

For instance, $499,023 went to the University of Montana for multiple programs on racial justice, including a public lecture series on “racial justice, death and indigenous knowledge.”

Another $50,000 in ARP funds went to a nonprofit organization in the Northern Mariana Islands called 500 Sails for “reopening programs that teach Indigenous canoe-building and explore pre-colonial sea life.”

The NEH also awarded $471,905 in ARP funds to the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh for the “ongoing development” of an existing exhibit on Ancient Egypt.

The Science History Institute in Philadelphia was awarded $359,097 by the NEH to create a “multiplatform project exploring the historical roots and persistent legacies of racism in American science and medicine.”

Another $200,000 in ARP funds went to the Chicago Humanities Festival to create “six humanities programs on racial justice, gender equality, and building an inclusive society.” The group was previously awarded a total of $778,236 from two PPP loans (which if you remember did not get paid back but were “forgiven”).

A whopping $3.5 million was awarded to the nonprofit American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) for a grant program providing relief funds to colleges and universities across the country addressing “racial equity, climate change, international relations, pandemic recovery, and strengthening democracy.” Hey at least they mention pandemic in that one!

Through that program, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, received a grant for its public humanities program that “advances social justice issues focused on three core tracks: public information, racial equity, and food and land justice.”

The University of Hawaii at Manoa received a grant through the ACLS program to broadcast radio messages to all Hawaiian Islands from August 2022 through May 2023 on topics such as “social justice; Native Hawaiian rights & culture; compassionate & visionary leadership; surviving internment & racism during World War II; overcoming Black prejudice in Hawaii; surviving pandemics & natural disasters & preparing for climate change.”

I could give you more but already know the point – letting the government spend our money will never really work out.

Author’s note: parts of this article were taken from an article written by Jessica Chasmar.

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Its especially egregious when the administration doles out fund based on furthering their agenda, & not strictly on need.

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