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Symbol or Substance?

I’ve long argued that the Democratic party is one of symbol and no substance.

This first really came to my attention when Democrats famously staged a “symbolic walkout” of the House when Bill Clinton was impeached. They marched down the street, said a few words, and he got impeached (by the house) anyway.

The classic Nancy Pelosi hot mic moment when she was behind Indiana Representative Andre Carson who was speaking to a crowd about Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” that wasn’t a Muslim ban. “Tell them you’re a Muslim” she reminded him, lest he forget. Ironic that now that the current President needs someone behind him or on an earpiece to make sure he doesn’t forget, well, anything.

And the most current display of symbol over substance is coming from great State of Texas. Democrats there have staged yet another stupid move where they have left the state to keep laws designed to ensure vote integrity and accuracy from happening.

Of course the main stream media is lauding them as heroes because as we know they will tell you these are voter suppression laws. We know that they are not. Perhaps the most direct evidence is the fact that the Communist News Network (CNN) and More Stuff Not Being Correct (MSNBC) are literally screaming it at the top of their lungs 24/7. When the most trusted names in fake news devote that kind of effort to something you know it’s bullshit.

The lawmakers (or lawbreakers now) made laughing stocks of themselves with their tweets about how heroic they are. One representative that no one outside of Texas has ever heard of noted how inspired he was by “people who recognized me at the airport and cheered me for my actions.” Lol… yeah, someone nobody knows, in a mask, was recognized and cheered. Bullshit.

Another tweeted a picture of their lunch and said “first meal as a fugitive.” Give me a fucking break. A fugitive that flies on private jets and eats at Panera. Good one.

Yet another compared their exodus to civil rights era marches. Yeah, not sure anyone where you went is looking to hang or assassinate you and what you’re doing really doesn’t require the special kind of courage those actual heroes had back then.

Faithful readers of the biscuit blog already know the story of how the Democratic party imploded in Indiana pulling similar stunts. If you don’t know that story, I encourage you to read it:

Has this also happened elsewhere before? Does it work? You know already right? Yes it has. No it won’t.

Instances have occurred in Texas in 2003, when 50 Democratic state lawmakers fled to Oklahoma to block a Republican redistricting proposal that would cost Democrats five seats in the House of Representatives. That move inspired Wisconsin Democrats eight years later to flee to Illinois to stop a Republican bill targeting government workers’ unions. Republicans have tried it, too. In 2019, 11 GOP legislators in Oregon fled to Idaho, blocking a Democratic bill fighting climate change. And of course the story above from Indiana.

In 2003, Texas’ then-Republican governor, Rick Perry, called a special session. Democrats fled again, this time to New Mexico, but eventually came back and the redistricting plan passed. Wisconsin Democrats were also unable to stop the GOP bill stripping public sector unions of collective bargaining rights — the Republicans amended the measure so it didn’t need a quorum to pass — and the fugitive lawmakers returned after three weeks in Illinois. In Indiana, Republicans eventually withdrew the right-to-work bills. But they passed them the following year, with no walkout.

Oregon is one exception: Democrats eventually withdrew their climate bill, but it was not guaranteed passage even before the GOP flight to Idaho.

One other thought on this. Does anyone else find it wildly ironic that this maneuver by the Democrats, trying to stall out a vote on legislation they don’t like, is basically a filibuster? You know, the same thing they are screaming they want to get rid of in Washington? Hypocritical morons.

I applaud Texas Governor Greg Abbott who, under the rules of the House, has said the offending members will be arrested and returned to the legislative chambers the moment they are back in Texas. He’s noted that he will continue to call thirty day special sessions until they return.

They eventually will have no choice but to return and this entire thing will have been all symbol, no substance. As usual.

3 thoughts on “Symbol or Substance?”

  1. Good to know there are moron’s on both sides of the aisle. However, the hypocrisy of the liberals knows no bounds. They’ll lie to your face and then do exactly what they said they won’t or hadn’t done. No on in Washington has the gonads to do anything meaningful.

  2. The idea of government is to create a consensus among politicians and that consensus should benefit the people of the United States of America. Greg Abbott most likely attempted to create consensus between him and the Democrats. However these days the Democrats don’t like to listen. You are going to hold up a law that would increase election security. I thought the American ideal and one that the Democrats have preached was to make everyone’s voice heard. This law is designed to help protect people’s voices being heard. Once again when someone in politics doesn’t get their way, they want to take their ball and go home.

  3. Yes … A filibuster that they wanted to abolish not too long ago and I believe that asshole idiot in the airport tweeted ‘My fist meal as a fugitive.’ ✊✊

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