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The Inauguration of Joe Biden

Thanks to a friend’s recommendation I’ve been spared watching any news coverage of the inauguration today in favor of watching “Shameless” on Netflix.  It’s highly entertaining and has made me laugh out loud several times.  The inauguration I am certain would not have been at all entertaining – though I am sure it also would have made me laugh out loud several times.

Bandying about the internet today I’ve glimpsed a headline or two that Joe Biden “reached out to Trump supporters” and attempted to give a message meant to unite this divided nation.

Too little, too late.

Why you ask?  Don’t you want there to be peace amongst the masses?  A return to civil discourse?  Actual debate using real live facts?

I wish that could happen, but the Democratic party went off the deep end in 2016 and plunged the country over an edge that it won’t be easy to recover from – if ever.

The party was so blindsided by the victory that I suspect even Donald Trump could hardly believe he won – that they declared nuclear war.  All hands on deck, red alert!

Immediately the media, complicit in their failure with the Democratic party in the election, began a twenty-four-seven non-stop bashing of the President.  The man who had made himself a billionaire not once but twice was suddenly the biggest idiot to ever walk the planet.  Completely inept.  No clue what he was doing.  And of course, the only explanation was the presence of interlopers – those commie bastards in Russia!

Rachel Maddow reported to you that the presidency was “effectively a Russian op.”  Dan Rather said there was a hurricane at sea coming for Trump: “call it Hurricane Vladimir.”  The Democrats pounced.  Investigations were launched.  Special Counsels appointed.  Thirty million in taxpayer dollars and two years of red meat for the media later we found out what we all already knew – Hillary Clinton was a hated bitch and as a presidential candidate that was far more of a problem for the DNC than Russia would ever be.

And while all that raged on the Democrat’s real worst nightmare began taking shape – Trump’s policies were actually working in many respects.

Unemployment plunged.  Wages rose.  The stock market roared.  “Animal spirits are being unleashed” cried CNBC.  The economy which had tittered and jerked since the middle of the first decade of the 21st century suddenly seemed to be taking a firmer foothold. 

The Democratic party did all they could to deflect this.  Many claimed it was actually Obama who had created the environment for the economy to flourish, this was all about timing and had nothing to do with policy.  Congrats Barack, that means it only took you ten years.

And just when you thought the Democrats were done, we found out things had only just begun. 

They turned the Brett Kavanaugh hearings into the biggest farce in the history of the judiciary.  They trotted in a woman who clearly needed professional help to make their case.  She presented four witnesses to her testimony, all of whom would say “sorry, but we don’t remember that.”  A few others came out of the woodwork to accuse him of various misdeeds.  Turns out they were just looking for attention. Surprise.

They impeached Trump in a completely partisan vote.  You know, the kind of thing Democrat Nadler once said “should never happen.”  No sir, it should not.  Didn’t stop you of course.  Someone could have stood up and been the voice of reason.  Not one Democrat chose to do so.

The bashing of both the president and anyone who dared voice support for him reached a fever pitch as the election year rolled around.  Racist white supremacists were suddenly an enormous portion of the population.  Anyone with a MAGA hat be damned.  And then the Covid came. 

Game set and match.  Now the media and the Democratic party, despite their aiding and abetting the pandemic, could cry that Trump had blood on his hands.  Every single death in this country I’m certain would have been prevented had all these assholes just elected Hillary instead.

They took the man down finally – death by a thousand cuts, convincing just enough folks to drag a tired old man hidden in his basement to minimize his dementia across the finish line and take back the White House.  As Trump lay there bleeding they impeached him again – out of pure political spite.  Based on the behavior of the last four years no one was surprised.  What was it Don Henley said?  Kick ‘em when they’re up, kick ‘em when they’re down.

So now the calls for unity.  Now the calls for everyone to come together.  Now that HE is gone, we can all finally heal.  Won’t you take Uncle Joe’s hand, and come together?

Not interested.

I didn’t watch today because I simply stopped caring what Democrats have to say.  The four years of behavior above were more than enough to show me what they are capable of, and I was appalled by it.  I’m not alone. 

Like Trump you have, for now, broken me.  I will sit here and write my thoughts and my feelings, but I will not listen to what you have to say – your party lost the respect I once had for it and I have zero interest in anything you want to do. 

Good luck, I have a feeling you’re going to need it.

2 thoughts on “The Inauguration of Joe Biden”

  1. My mom got mad at me (and is still pulling the silent treatment with me) because I wouldn’t watch the inauguration. I couldn’t. Oh well.

  2. Despite my best judgement, we watched the inauguration at the fire house. It was a bright sunny day at the capitol, although just hours before it was gray and the wind was blowing as president trump gave his final speech before leaving on AF1 to head to Florida. Many gave speeches with masks on but amazingly no ones breath was displayed in the cold “DC air.” Harris was sworn in first, yes first, not directly placing her hand on the bible then Pedo Joe was second, lifting his off the great book half way through. Then calling for unity followed by sitting down and signing EOs having no clue of the content his signature was being placed on, yet killing thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen and even making people who voted for this man say “WTF?” Castle_Rock, check it out.

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