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Surprised? I Hope Not.

In today’s 24/7 news cycle and having social media galore slapping us all in the face, by now we have all seen the video.

Afghan people jamming the runway in Kabul, literally trying to jump on US aircraft beating a retreat out of town. It looks like a scene out of World War Z, desperate people begging and pleading for escape, only to be left behind for the zombies as the bodies fall and the plane lifts off.

Basically Joe Biden has been wrong on every single foreign policy idea he’s ever gone on record about. For that matter he’s wrong about everything he does. Killing off our oil supply won’t cause price spikes he figured. Throwing trillions into the economy will make prices go down according to Biden-nomics. Telling people to just come on across the border won’t cause a crisis. I’m going to crush the virus!

Were you surprised he didn’t answer any reporter’s questions at his news conference Yesterday? Were you surprised that he blamed everyone but himself for this debacle? Were you surprised he came to DC, gave a statement and then walked out and went back on vacation? If you were surprised – WHY?

His support and role in the Iran Nuclear Deal shows exactly who he is – a weak leader who believes that diplomacy is the answer when dealing with people who hate our guts, want us dead, and have zero interest in diplomacy.

That is unless you are dumb enough to give them weapons and money believing that that you are actually accomplishing something. They must go back from those negotiations with their billions in hand and laugh their ass off at how stupid the United States is when someone not named Trump is in charge.

And now here we are, Afghanistan folding faster than the French under a Nazi siege. And that’s fast. Even the liberal news media is now forced to admit what most of us with a brain have known for some time – Biden is unfit for office, and he sure as hell is unfit to be commander-in-chief of the military. From a CNN analysis:

Biden’s judgment as commander-in-chief is being called into question since he is on record, in damning video footage, saying that the Taliban’s victory was “not inevitable.” He said there would be no Saigon-style pictures of helicopters lifting off the roof of the US embassy in Kabul. That exact scenario unfolded this weekend after the US rushed to get its people out, and the Stars and Stripes was run down the flagpole as the fundamentalist militia routed by the United States in 2001, surged back into the Afghan capital.

The administration lives in a fantasy land. Only five days ago they continued to tell you there’s nothing to worry about here. “Ultimately, our view is that the Afghan security forces have the equipment, numbers and training to fight back that will strengthen their position at the negotiating table,” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki last Tuesday. Notice again what she said there at the end: “the negotiating table.” They seriously are this damn stupid.

On Monday the 9th in Doha, Qatar — the site of fruitless peace talks with the Taliban – the Biden administration’s U.S. envoy to those talks announced his intention to “press the Taliban” for an end to their offensive across Afghanistan. It was a naive statement even at the time, and it certainly went sour in a hurry. Clearly the Taliban did not care and certainly were not scared by Biden “pressing them.”

At this point I would have to say that even the liberal media (despite some of them trying and failing miserably to blame this on, you guessed it, Trump) is in agreement with most of the rest of us who clearly see this for what it is: An unmitigated disaster brought to us by a Pollyanna administration who want you to believe that we’ve just been “caught flat-footed.” Nice try. You are grossly incompetent and we need no further evidence than the video right in front of our eyes.

So please let’s stop jacking around. Democrats launched not one but two impeachment proceedings against Trump for far less than this complete disaster. Hundreds and probably thousands will die (a lot of them women and LGBTQ Afghani people), so impeach this fucking biscuit now before anyone else gets killed.

2 thoughts on “Surprised? I Hope Not.”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    I concur with your sentiments entirely.

    Another distressing fact is the C-17 crew which allowed the 640 refugees onboard, did so at the expense of our safety. There were many young men, the very face of the enemy, mixed in with women & children. We cannot surrender our common sense for expediency.

    The situation was ripe for abuse. 21 young Saudi’s, ALL Male, took down 2 towers, punched a hole in the Pentagon & have killed countless more had the brave people on Flight 93 not stepped forward & stopped them. No, I fear the next batch of “9-11” terrorists took advantage of our desire to help those in need. Evil has no conscience.

  2. Well said Pops. Thanks for sharing this with us Chance. I feel I get the truth here and it is a waste of my time watching news on tv.

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