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Story Time!

Once upon a time there was a bad man. A very dangerous man. An orange man. So dangerous that the elites laughed and pointed fingers at him, for there was simply no way that he would defeat their chosen idol, the wicked witch of the swamp.

But alas on a fateful day in 2016 a house was dropped on her head, and she was banished to the realm of wine drinking forests and late night talk show appearances.

Chaos ensued. Pollsters were fired. The main stream media stood momentarily and blessedly silent. Unfortunately that didn’t last.

Immediately someone pulled a file from a drawer somewhere in Quantico, Virginia with the simple code of “Plan B” written on the front. This was a conspiracy! And we all know who was behind it. Still fuming from the disrespect Barack Obama gave them when he told Mitt Romney that “the 1980’s called and would like their foreign policy back” it could only be – THE RUSSIANS!

Yes – this well orchestrated plot was the reason for Orange Man’s arrival. An investigation must be launched! Taxpayer dollars must be spent! Orange Man would be ruining the economy, he would start a war, probably a nuclear war, he would send our soldiers to die out of arrogance, he would kill all the spiny bob eared northern hoot owls, he would actually try to get other countries to pick up their own tabs and alas – someone besides an intern would be having sex in the white house again! NO! And all the strings were being pulled by Vladimir Putin!

Except none of that happened. Actually, pretty much the opposite of all that happened. Well, except the sex part probably.

The investigation went on for two years and it turns out … the Russians had no connection with the orange man. Not even a co-branded vodka startup could be found.

We know the rest. That little setback didn’t stop the Democrats. Impeachment, the Logan Act, the tax returns, Emoluments clause, the Kavanaugh hearings blah blah blah…. four years of non stop spew that reminded me of the kid tossing their cookies in the exorcist.

But we all know that fairy tales are usually meant to teach us something. A purpose. A lesson. What did we learn from this? Or maybe better yet, what does it portend?

Trump is an asshole. This may be the one thing we all agree on. But does he love his country? I think he most certainly does. Did he believe all the things he did were for the good of the country? Very little doubt in my mind. Did his policies seem to bring about prosperity? They did. And yet the left went on a one hundred percent full-on vendetta to bring him down. Hitler! Racist! Xenophobe!

And the problem with that is they shot their entire wad on a guy who is basically just a jerk. What happens when the next guy comes along and he actually is Hitler? He’s truly a white supremacist who believes that all immigrants and people of color should be exterminated. And what if he wins?

Didn’t think about that, did they?

But they spent so much time turning people like me into lifelong Republican voters they didn’t think to the future. Most politicians don’t.

I’d like to think I’d be able to see it along with a lot of others, but in today’s world of fake news crap … can I see someone coming along that is FAR worse than Trump and winning? I can. The Democrats cried wolf because they thought Hitler was literally at the helm. He wasn’t. Big mistake.

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  1. Spot on! Love or hate The Orange Man at least he’s not a career long political tied user. He can actually turn a profit with good hard work instead of living off taxpayer’s money. Chance, you rock.

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