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In case you missed it today congress has approved more “covid relief” by giving away money to everyone. Money that apparently most young Americans don’t need to stimulate anything.

According to CNBC and Deutsche Bank they found the following out:

An online survey of 430 investors who use online broker platforms found that half of respondents between 25 and 34 years old plan to spend 50% of their stimulus payments on stocks.

Meanwhile, 18- to 24-year-olds involved in the survey planned to use 40% of any stimulus checks on stocks, and 35- to 54-year-olds surveyed planned to use 37% of their checks on equity market investment. The over-55s surveyed said they’d put only 16% into stocks.

That’s right, screw the rent, forget feeding the family, get in the stock market and make a killing with your $1400 windfall! I googled “what people plan to do with their stimulus checks” and got multiple links for ways to turn your $1400 check into $10-$25K. It’s easy! There’s a reason why lotteries are so successful in this country – the lure of the quick buck is just too much for most people to ignore. Just curious, did you notice that “ignore” and “ignorant” are similar words. Just curious.

Since you have a brain in your head you already see that this isn’t really stimulating anything. It’s not buying or consuming anything, it’s not helping any local mom and pop businesses, and it’s not helping your favorite local restaurant. And buying Gamestop is not investing, it’s gambling and that’s all it is.

I’ve talked before on the blog about estimates the fake news media has put out there that as many as forty million people are at risk of eviction if the moratorium was lifted. In recent days they now are saying ten million people. I guess thirty million folks just miraculously got right with their landlords, thank the heavens!

The problem of course here is that the media wants, no, needs you to feel like this is a crisis that is so beyond the norm that only by staying glued to their non-stop coverage of it can you possibly survive it. Oh and please support their advertisers.

The facts remain that the economy has seen relatively firm footing the last few months despite the current administration’s attempts to derail it. Enjoy $3 gas all summer folks. Did we really need to dump $2,000,000,000,000 into the economy? Uh no. And some Democrats said it’s not enough. Are you fucking kidding me?

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  1. I’m going to use my stimulus check to pay for my therapy. The way the country is being trashed by the liberals, we wont have a sovereign nation. It will be one large ghetto.

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