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Sorry Biden, I Was Right. Again.

If you thumb back a few weeks on the blog we discussed the insanity that is the Democrat’s $3,500,000,000,000 “infrastructure” bill.

Which of course most of it has nothing to do with roads and bridges but instead is a giveaway to Democratic voters who are as bad as lobbyists when it comes to getting a free hand out in return for a vote in an election.

On July 30th I wrote an article titled “The Swamp Strikes Back” and I cannot help but chuckle. I lay out several reasons why this bill will not pass. And it turns out I’m spot on again.

President Dementia stupidly said he would not sign a one trillion bill that was passed in the Senate unless the $3.5 trillion dollar bill was coming to his desk after. You know it’s funny how they all made fun of Donald Trump for filing bankruptcy twice, and yet their strategy is to leverage us so far out of reality that the US will go bankrupt in a fashion so stunning it will make Trump look like he just lost his wallet.

I noted in the article on the 30th that he’d probably not even see the bill since Pelosi said the same thing about considering it in the house. And that’s exactly what’s happened.

The majority of “polls” in the country say that voters favor infrastructure spending. Hot tip: That includes moron mid-westerners who think that they’ll see a few dollars when the vast majority of it will end up in California, New York etc. Fortunately most voters also prefer incremental changes and spending as opposed to having things shoved down their throat.

Of course Democrats have no choice but to shove things down our throat because they know Biden is a complete disaster and they will be slaughtered in the 2022 midterms. So now that they’ve realized what I told you nearly two months ago, Democrats have a new spin on things.

They are “happy” that the $3.5 trillion dollar bill is “likely to be trimmed down.” From the LA Times:

The battle over Democrats’ ambitious spending plan is heating up in Congress, but one piece of the outcome is already clear: The $3.5-trillion price tag is being whittled down.

That will disappoint progressives, who see the budget plan as their best chance in a generation to enact big changes in domestic policy from universal pre-K and free community college to expanded Medicare and Medicaid and subsidies for clean energy (author note – any of that sound like infrastructure?).

But as a practical political matter, it’s a good thing for Democratic members of Congress who face tough races in 2022 — and for their party’s tenuous chances of maintaining its razor-thin majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Yes, they are now reduced to “practical matters.” Like trying like hell to stay in power after stupidly doing all they’ve done – in only 9 months. Nice job.

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