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Something to Rage About

It’s pretty crazy just how forward left leaning groups have become about trouncing on people’s rights. Innocent peoples rights. Like, you can’t be more innocent than being acquitted by a jury, right? Wrong.

Several left-leaning student organizations at Arizona State University are demanding that their administration “withdraw” Kyle Rittenhouse from the university.

The Arizona State University Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine, Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, and MECHA de ASU are all calling on the Arizona State University administration to take action against Rittenhouse by withdrawing him from the university and releasing a statement against him.

The four groups are calling him “Murderer Kyle Rittenhouse.”

The groups also demand that the university administration “reaffirm support for the multicultural center on campus as a safe space from White Supremacy.”

Students making the demands also want the administration to redirect funding from the Arizona State University Police Department to the multicultural center and they are demanding “the establishment of a care center on campus.”

The groups are also hosting a “Rally and protest to get murderer Kyle Rittenhouse off our campus” on Dec. 1 at Arizona State University. 

“Even with a not-guilty verdict from a flawed ‘justice’ system – Kyle Rittenhouse is still guilty to his victims and the families of those victims,” the demand letter states. “Join us to demand from ASU that those demands be met to protect students from a violent blood-thirsty murderer.”

They clearly did not watch even one second of that trial. And they clearly get all of their information from MSNBC.

“The goal of these demands is to let the ASU administration know that we as the ASU community do not feel safe knowing that a mass shooter, who has expressed violent intentions about ‘protecting property’ over people, is so carelessly allowed to be admitted to the school at all,” the spokesperson said. “Our campus is already unsafe as is, and we would like to abate this danger as much as possible.”

If the campus is “already unsafe” why would you demand that funds be taken away from the campus police department? Yes, these people really are that stupid.

I do take some solace in knowing that these folks will lead miserable lives full of hate and never know the joy that those of us with a brain in our head are able to.

Author’s note: portions of this article came from Fox News online but were corroborated by the author.

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