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Slippery Slopes

For a very long time both Democrats and Republicans avoided issues that were slippery slopes for fear of the obvious: Once you start down one, there’s very little chance of turning back.

The left, however, has abandoned all caution lately and they’ve decided this is the time for them to go “all in.”

This is particularly true with their most recent demand – you MUST take the covid-19 vaccine, whether you want to or not. Don’t think that’s true? Think again. The liberal rag USA Today published an op-ed with a leftist nut job saying that if you don’t take the vaccine you should be shunned.

Shun (Verb): to keep away from (a place, person, object, etc.), from motives of dislike, caution, etc.; take pains to avoid.

Isn’t it amazing how the same group of people who scream “my body, my choice!” are suddenly interested in making sure that you take this vaccine – even if you don’t want to?

If you’d like to be entertained and read a load of bullshit, here’s the op-ed that this lunatic published:

They of course immediately use one of their favorite propaganda tools to bolster their argument: a poll! (One they don’t bother to tell you anything about like who conducted it, how many were surveyed, margin of error, etc). Yes, as you might expect, the poll points out that it’s all the fault of white evangelicals and Republicans that we have people who are hesitant to take the vaccine and are preventing America from getting back to normal. You will not be remotely surprised either that you need only get to paragraph 7 to find the real devil: Trump! Of course, that rascal.

Funny how African Americans can’t vote because of lack of transportation, internet and ID, but apparently no problem getting vaccinated and hell, even trust the government enough to just get the shot. Hell yes! Damn the white evangelicals!

None of this is me expressing my thoughts on whether or not someone should get the vaccine. It is very much me saying that it should most certainly be your choice. I see some colleges and schools are requiring students to get the vaccine if they want to come back. This of course is despite that there is very little data to suggest that Covid-19 is a risk to anyone age twenty-five and under.

Covid is real, and Covid is deadly, particularly to those with co-morbidity and over age 50. So is driving on I-95 in Florida but people choose to do it every day. Many of them that can’t drive worth a damn.

We all make choices. The point is that we are able to make them. And it’s a slippery damn slope when we start taking those choices away.

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  1. So my take on the article: if 75%-80% get vaccinated we could have herd immunity— but in the article states about a quarter of the population won’t get it— -well, I am no genius by any means, but doesn’t that mean 75% is willing to get the vaccine? Just a thought!!!

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