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Same Old Same Old

Grandpa used to say that you can’t win the lottery if you don’t play. I think we can all agree that is true. But then there is lottery fever – when the jackpot gets so high that even those who don’t play regularly jump into line and buy a ticket.

This of course typically happens when it rolls over several drawings in a row and the numbers start to get ridiculous. The numbers are big. They are suddenly “news worthy.”

And the media and the left is no different as they are ecstatic to have been given a mass shooting in Boulder Colorado this week.

I don’t mean to belittle the horrific loss of life, but the way the left and the media treat this subject frankly makes me sick. They only care when the jackpot is high.

A quick google search of “Chicago shootings 2021” gives us several articles to look at. Just two days ago fifteen people were shot in Chicago, three of them died. The weekend of the 15th forty people were shot in Chicago, four of them died from their injuries. FORTY.

Through Monday there have been 127 homicides in Chicago in 2021. Why have the Democrats not been talking about their crown jewel liberal city all year with numbers like that?

When news broke of the shooting in Boulder the Democrats were quick to pounce. The President even cancelled his afternoon nap to come out and blather on about “assault style” weapons. The usual suspects lit up twitter with calls for gun bans and “common sense gun control.”

You know, gun control and laws, like the very strict ones they have in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Illinois and the city of Chicago.

So how high does the jackpot have to be before they actually care or think they can get some traction? I guess the number is ten.

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