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Rules for THEE …

There has been quite a bit of debate the last few days over President Biden’s continued idiocy in the form of a vaccine mandate. You know, the mandate they lied to you about and said they would never do.

You can fast forward to the 1:52 mark and save yourself the pain of watching him read the teleprompter:

Of course it would probably not be necessary to MAKE people take a shot if you did more to encourage it, instead of, oh, I dunno, making it a partisan issue of hatred:

False? Really? They really do think you are that stupid.

Many other prominent Democrats of course opposed the “Trump vaccine” until they realized OH SHIT we actually need this to end the pandemic. And of course many of them also also said it “should never be mandatory.” Until they decided it needs to be mandatory.

Lost in all this, of course, is the usual exemption that gets buried in the fine print. Biden is making the vaccine mandatory for “government workers,” “employers who employee one hundred or more people,” and “government contractors.”

Do you know who is NOT required to get the vaccine? That’s right. Congress.

Fact check it. Happy Tuesday.

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Incredibly disappointing the way the MSM lies, thinks we’re too stupid to know & then chides us for calling them on lying to us. Oh to be that narcissistic.

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