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Rules For Thee, Not Me

California congressman Adam Schiff is a giant piece of shit. We all know it. Hell he knows it. He’s the epitome of what everyone hates about Washington D.C. He’s a slimy, power hungry knucklehead who would do or say anything to get his way. And he does.

Perhaps he’s most famous for making the mainstream media circuit back in 2016 and declaring that although he couldn’t tell us what it was that he had “indisputable proof that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election.” Of course we know now that is false (well, some of us ALWAYS knew it was), and his “indisputable proof” never materialized.

This week Schiff and his accomplices in the main stream media have all been aghast at the fact that the Trump administration’s Justice Department subpoenaed his phone records in an ongoing investigation over leaks of classified information. You may recall that there was at one point in this investigation evidence that someone inside the white house was passing information along to Schiff’s office and it was being disseminated to media outlets in an attempt to show that Trump and his team were incompetent.

The problem with Schiff and the media’s complaining about this is that the Trump administration did everything by the book. The Justice Department used a court-authorized grand jury process to obtain Schiff’s records as part of a criminal investigation into leaks of classified information that can harm national security. Schiff sanctimoniously referred to the investigation against him as a “cudgel against (Trump’s) political opponents and members of the media.”

How quickly Schiff forgets that when he was in power in 2019, he completely surpassed a bona fide grand jury process and began pulling private records of anyone he thought might even be loosely associated with Trump during the sham impeachment process.

People such as Rudy Giuliani, Representative Devin Nunes, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow and others were targeted using secret subpoenas. Schiff then compounded his constitutional abuse by actually publishing these private phone records. 

The targeted individuals hadn’t known about the subpoena of their phone records because Schiff kept the subpoenas under wraps and obtained the records directly from the phone companies. This left these citizens with no legal avenue through which to challenge the subpoenas.

Schiff was sued for using those tactics and the process is currently bogged down in the court system.

In the meantime, Schiff and his allies in the corrupt media seem to argue that, unlike other Americans, they should receive special immunity from secret grand jury subpoenas that can be issued for any other person. 

And of course when they got their wish and got rid of Trump, Biden moved to protect Schiff and the media by shutting down and curtailing investigations into criminal leaks of classified information at the DOJ.

Rules are for us serfs my friends, not for the powerful elites in D.C.

Authors note: portions of this article are derived from a Washington Examiner Op-Ed by Tom Fitton.

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