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Rules for Thee, Not for Me

Unless you live in the free states of Florida or Texas, you’re probably fairly confused. The vaccine works, or the vaccine doesn’t work. Masks work, or masks don’t work. Kids need masks. Kids don’t need masks.

What is not confusing is a hypocritical old bat who happens to be one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington. She wants to control you and could give a shit about some of her most solid voting blocks.

You’ll remember that the Speaker of the House recently re-instituted a mask mandate for the House. Members who did not comply would be fined for every day that they resisted her commands.

She said the following in an address to House members:

Members and staff will be required to wear masks at all times // This is a mask (puts it on). From all over the country I’m getting these masks // Real men wear masks and masks are essentially important // The chair views the failure to wear a mask as a serious breach of decorum. // I have no advice for them except when they come here, they have to wear a mask. // But in any case (pretends to put mask on) I’m a big believer in wearing a mask and not sharing any air unnecessarily.

Except she’s a lying, racist bitch. A day or two ago Pelosi hosted a big money Democrat fundraiser in Napa Valley, where I’m sure she’s pissed that somebody broke the take no pictures rule at.

Well, I suppose it’s okay, if you’re a rich white Democrat you are probably immune to the Vid so this is all just fine and dandy. Masks? Not for those who can afford $30,000/plate luncheons. Yes – it really was $30K a plate.

And look at all the black people that got invited! Amazing. Why does that demographic continue to vote Democrat?

Oh – the servants? Ok, ok, servers – they were all wearing masks. Just like she wants you to do. Servant.

2 thoughts on “Rules for Thee, Not for Me”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    & the news from the MSM regarding the hypocrisy of the DNC & Pelosi, …wait for it…I’m waiting…YOU’LL GET NOTHING & LIKE IT!!!

    I don’t trust the media, at all.

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