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Riding The Crime Wave

One quote that we are all pretty much familiar with is the iconic “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” My High School Geometry teach would posit to us that a corollary quote can be derived from this: “Stop doing things that have proved effective and expect different results.” Typically inferior results I would argue.

Democrats, who have the memory span of the average six year old, have abandoned their past and forgotten what success is like. All in the name of being woke.

Joe Biden was an instrumental member of the Senate who passed one of the most sweeping anti-crime bills of the 20th century which was then signed by Bill Clinton. Even the vaunted “Congressional Black Caucus” supported the 1994 bill with a majority of their members voting for it.

And crime did in fact go down. More officers on the street, harsher penalties and a crackdown on violence ensnared more Americans in the criminal justice system than ever before. The United States became the most incarcerated nation on the planet with literally millions in jail and double that number on probation, parole or house arrest.

Of course the unintended consequence, as there always is with legislation like this, is that it affected the African American community in what liberals today like to call a “disproportionate amount.”

Never mind that justice is blind and does it really matter your skin color if you committed a crime you should do the time.

Bottom line: Fewer criminals on the street, crime went down. Makes too much sense, right?

That went on for a while, until the great recession came along and a wave of progressive liberals assumed offices around the country. The results have been a crime wave of epic proportions – and the liberal prosecutors don’t care.

Philadelphia DA Krasner is one of the most progressive prosecutors in the country. He will literally tell you that he wants to change everything. There is not a “more important civil rights movement in our time” than progressive prosecution, Krasner says, describing himself and like-minded D.A.s as social justice “technicians” who need to take apart the criminal justice system, then build an entirely new one.

The families of victims? Irrelevant. The justice system is not for them according to Krasner. “When I ran my long-shot campaign to be Philly’s chief elected prosecutor,” Krasner writes in his new book, “I promised to try to reverse the damage done by traditional prosecution.”

You know the damage – crime going down. Reverse that.

A quick examination of our biscuit of the week doesn’t say much for San Fransisco. She and her progressive crew of district attorneys treat criminals as victims. Stealing from the CVS? Well it’s because the system has let you down and you needed to rob the store to get things you need.

Target recently announced that six area San Fransisco stores will be closing now at 6 PM because “they are committed to the safety of their team members and community.” That’s right, can’t be open after dark, afraid for both customers and employees. AFRAID FOR THEIR SAFETY.

The sad tale of Sheria Musyoka is one of many examples of why California and their policies suck.

The 26-year-old Musyoka had come to the United States to study at Dartmouth College. After graduating at the very top of his class, he married an American woman and settled with her in Connecticut. In late 2020, after a year of pandemic lock-downs, they decided to move across the country, to San Francisco. They had a 3-year-old son named Theo.

On the morning of Feb. 4, 2021, Musyoka was jogging near San Francisco State University when a stolen 2003 Ford Explorer flew through a red light at Lake Merced Boulevard and Higuera Avenue, crashing into seven other cars. The crash killed Musyoka and injured three other people.

The Explorer had been stolen in San Jose by a man named Jerry Lyons, who had proceeded to drive north to San Francisco, where he lived.

Lyons had only recently left prison, only to fall into the same patterns that had seen him cycle through the criminal justice system for years. In October 2020, he was arrested for allegedly stealing a car and possessing methamphetamine, but San Francisco’s district attorney, Chesa Boudin, decided not to bring new charges against him, even though Lyons was in violation of his supervised release from prison.

Lyons was arrested again in December for drunken driving, again in a stolen car. He spent the better part of that month in jail, but Boudin’s prosecutors — many of whom were, like him, former public defenders — did not move quickly to press new charges, effectively letting the case languish. Lyons was thus set free. The next time he would come to Boudin’s attention, it would be for killing Musyoka.

How many more promising young people must we lose before this misguided line of thinking is finally called out for the lunacy that it is?

Crime started to rise, and rise dramatically, in 2020, and it has continued to rise in 2021. Homicides were up in American cities by 33 percent, according to the Major Cities Chief’s Association, accompanied by a 15 percent jump in violent assaults. Don’t believe the lies of the Lori Lightfoot’s of the world.

More criminals in the streets. Higher crime rate. Go figure.

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