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Random Thursday

Well another week is wrapping up on us quickly, time for a few random ass thoughts.

First it’s unusual really but tomorrow’s Biscuit of the Week is already decided. Make sure you tune in tomorrow while I thoroughly trash that complete piece of garbage.

You probably heard the collective moan amongst Californians when the governor announced this week that he would continue to mandate the wearing of masks. Meanwhile in Texas, the governor got rid of his mandate a while back and Sleepy Joe said his thinking was that of a neanderthal. As it turns out Texas hasn’t suffered any real consequences from the decision and the kids can go to school like normal. Several Democrats have decried that decision to not have kids wear masks in school, which is “against the CDC guidance.” But we all know the risk of Covid is nil with teenagers, so they can just piss off.

This little headline caught my eye as well this week:

If you’re like me and don’t follow pro surfing much you’ll be surprised to learn that in most international competitions Hawaii competes as if it is a sovereign nation. This has riled up some of the hard core Hawaii surf snowflakes, who have been giving some grief to the two local surfers who both qualified for the Olympic team. The two who did, however, actually have said they are happy to compete and will represent both Hawaii and the USA as best as they can. So a typical bullshit headline really. Of course if Hawaii wants to secede and take that bitch Mazie Hirono with them I say go for it.

A few gas stations in Saint Augustine ran out of gas last week due to the pipeline hack. I managed to get filled up but they only had premium at the Gate station. I drove up through the good old eastern USA on my way to Indiana and saw several stations selling it for $3.09. Thanks Biden.

I hopped on to the CNN website the other day just to see what the enemy was up to. On their main page there was no headline to click on to read about the Israeli and Hamas fighting. But there was a large print headline to click on if you wanted to read about all of the different legal issues they think Donald Trump is in. I passed on that.

In a rare bit of Democrats and Republicans actually working together on something beneficial for the country, Republican Kevin Brady and Democrat Richard Neal have been working on improving retirement for Americans. Building upon legislation that they got through when Trump was president they are working on even more improvements. If you want to read about them, this article summarized it nicely:

Have a great Thursday night!

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