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Random Thoughts… Tuesday?

Well, if I always did it on Thursday, it wouldn’t be random now, would it? Let’s get after it.

How can we not start with that yesterday. I literally laughed so hard that my chest hurt afterward. Is there anyone… literally ANYONE who believes that these meatballs will raise enough revenue to cover $3.5 TRILLION. Even the most liberal Democrat idiot has to have skepticism there. Seriously.

This is how they got Trump in the first place. Keep it up assholes, keep it up.

I got nothin’

They really don’t have anything to talk about do they?


It would have to be climate change. It’s not like humans continue to infringe on their territory and change their ecosystems or anything. I’m always amused about the guy who complains about a coyote eating their dog after they built a house in the coyote’s territory. What did you expect exactly?

If you’re surprised by this perhaps you should seek the wizard and ask him for a brain.

I did actually click on this article, which basically chastised you as a complete and utter fool and idiot if you refused the vaccine for any reason whatsoever. It was every bit the classic Democrat article: I know better than you about everything so you must listen and do what I say or be “on the wrong side of history.” Of course I continue to ask isn’t this completely racist since the biggest demographic block in the country refusing the vaccine are African Americans? Nobody seems to want to talk about that.

What state could it be that’s been battered by climate change? California? Florida? Louisiana? Nope, the headline is referring to Illinois. BATTERED by climate change in the midwest. If they are talking about the climate of murder in Chicago I might be buying that.

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