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Random Thoughts Thursday

Well, let’s start with just how stupid corporations really can be. In the giant swirling muck of economic activity it’s almost comical how silly they are.

Recently I’ve been helping a friend repair their credit. Their report had a few collections on it, so I researched the original creditors and looked up the collections agencies in the hope to settle the accounts for a discount.

One account was for $694. I sent them a letter offering to settle the account for $350, or roughly 50 cents on the dollar. Received a letter back from them a few days ago letting me know that they’d settle the account for either a payment plan (two were offered) or a one time lump sum payment of … $243. Yes, they offered to settle for $107 less than I offered them. Yes please. (If you do the math, $243/$694 is pretty much exactly 35 cents on the dollar – silly computers!).

How about some headlines?

This headline has nothing to do with anyone being gay. It has everything to do with defunding the police. What in the hell did you expect would happen? Didn’t a social mediator show up to quell the situation?

DEMANDING. This is so reminiscent of the signs at Yellowstone begging tourists not to feed the bears that it’s not funny. Or free breadsticks at Fazoli’s. I was having lunch with my Grandfather once, and as we got up to leave the table I put down a dollar bill for a tip. He grabbed it and asked “what are you doing?!” I said “leaving a tip.” “Don’t leave that much,” he said, “she’ll come to expect it.” Tipping etiquette aside, he wasn’t wrong.

I got nothing.

I almost want to scroll back through the blog and find out when the first time was I told you that they would never get that bill done. But what’s the point. Tits on a boar.

In the early 1900’s making up fake news and printing bullshit stories was called “yellow journalism.” CNN and others have been prospering off of it for the last twenty years, and the rise of the internet has only enabled it. No one should be surprised that Democrats would want to see fake news made mainstream.

I did, of course, click on this article. Kudos to them for interviewing several waitresses that noted their tips had increased substantially. And I have to say that Hooters is a terrible restaurant, but that headline is the first time in ages that I’ve thought “maybe I should give them another try.”

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