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Random Thoughts Thursday

For all you Colts fans who knew when they were ahead 22-3 that they’d go into the “prevent” and blow that game.

Are you really surprised? All media is slanted, let’s get that straight. But the main stream Democratic press is so full of shit it’s not even funny. If your opinion doesn’t match theirs, even if you are an idolized saint like RBG was, they’ll cut that shit out because the American people don’t need to hear opposing views.

Ok, I realize that Vogue is hardly a hard hitting journalism outfit, but please stop. It’s “likely?” Really? Let’s see how much fear we can stoke in our foolish readership. Hopefully not much, because does anyone read Vogue? Don’t people just google “better orgasms” if they need tips?

Again, I’m not sure when Jimmy Kimmel became a “news source” but regardless he couldn’t be more wrong. Shocking, I know. Fox News has never told anyone NOT to take the vaccine. If you would actually watch it what they say is no one should be FORCED to take the vaccine. Which is true. But remember with the left that TRUTH=HYPOCRISY.

Another credible source, I know. Please give up this narrative that republicans are trying to keep you from voting. No, they are trying to keep people who shouldn’t be voting from voting, which they clearly did in the last election.

Trump’s fault.

Trump’s fault.

Trump’s fault.

Once again – let’s get us much fear in to the morons who actually believe us about anything as we can before anything actually happen! I mean for Christ’s sake, what if this court actually enforces the constitution what the hell will we do then??

I absolutely love how fast the liberals jumped on this shit like I knew they would. Basically the expanded unemployment benefits have been cancelled for ten days and they already have “studies” that show that this didn’t help with employment and labor shortages. Then how the hell is unemployment now 4.8%? Oh right, you have driven so many from the work force that participation is back to Obama level lows. This will take months to work through the labor supply chain, but once the checks stop coming in and people need to work again they’ll work. Fact.

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