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Random Thoughts Thursday

I’ve been enjoying perusing the headlines lately. The ever increasing competition for “clicks” leads these folks to use some pretty whacky stuff. Sometimes I read them, others I pass, but I always have a thought on them anyway.

I’m sure you’ve seen this story by now, it’s been making the rounds of most media outlets who actually report news. Good ol’ Kamala and her band of do-gooders reason that the bail and bond system is unfair to African Americans because they are more likely not to be able to afford it. So they bail out folks to promote what else of course but “equity.”

The head of this organization was asked why they would bail out a dangerous person like the man arrested in this story for murder and her response is exactly what you would expect from an idiot liberal: “We don’t care or look at the crime they’ve committed, that’s not relevant. The point is the statement we are making in fighting an unjust system.” Right.

I regret not clicking on this one. What is a “major city?” Does Fresno count? Fort Wayne? Dayton? I bet they had to pass a look at a lot of other cities to find one that “maybe” is seeing a decline in gun violence. MAYBE?

Liberals deserve everything they get when they perpetually spout off this idiotic bullshit. AOC yesterday referred to women as “menstruating persons.” Biden’s administration recently referred to mom’s as “birthing persons.” This is the idiocy they want taught in schools. These stories we are seeing where parents are finally taking the time to realize what is going on in their schools and they are grabbing their torch and pitchfork to go to the school board meetings – good for them.

This guy is a complete disaster. He’s basically Biden with his faculties still somewhat in order. This guy flip flops so much he makes Bill Clinton look like a straight shooter. Honestly Trump has to take a bit of the blame here for having this guy out there in the first place. He has zero credibility left. Every time he opens his mouth or I hear a newsperson begin to quote him I turn the channel.

Yah I clicked on taht. Yah it was pretty funny.

This one I did dig into a little bit. I went to Senator Cruz’s twitter feed (which is pretty comical by the way) and checked it out. The idiot trolls were trying to work him over, but it’s hard to do when he’s right. I wrote about this on the blog the other day – there are plenty of jobs, stop taking the Democrat’s handouts and go get a job. No, it may not be exactly what you want to do for the rest of you life, but you got bills you need to pay them. Not have them cancelled.

Of course they are “far right” supporters. Must be the dreaded Qanon! I still don’t know a single person who is a member of Qanon, but hey whatever. And what a strategy! Infiltrate “low-level” positions to be able to “influence” how elections are run. Gosh, what if the influence was to make them run efficiently and effectively with controls against fraud? I can see why the liberals would be scared to death of that!

We’ve talked about this before – of all the stupid ideas liberals and progressives spout off about – this is by FAR the stupidest of them all. Which is really saying something. Democrats are “in power” now, effectively controlling congress and the white house. So they could, in theory, add four judges, wake Joe up from a nap and have him nominate four liberals and stick them on the court. But as it always is with Democrats, it’s the unintended consequences that matter. Sooner or later the Republicans will be “in power” and they would say, “ok, turnabout is fair play, let’s add four more judges to the court and let Donald Trump (by then in his second term) pick them.” Or God forbid it be Ron DeSantis, that absolute lunatic who actually believes in personal freedoms and constitutional rights.

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