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Random Thoughts Thursday

Shaking my head edition.

So once again the Loudon County Virginia school board has found themselves in the national spotlight, and made a complete mess of things.

In what was seen as a victory for LGBTQ advocates, the Loudoun County School Board approved a policy by a 7-to-2 vote which requires teachers to use preferred pronouns and allows “gender-expansive and transgender students” to participate in sports and other activities “in a manner consistent with the student’s gender identity.”

“I think that they (transgender and gay students) have spent years fighting through these issues and fighting through the discrimination, the harassment, the bullying, and this is going to be an opportunity for them to rise up out of that and into a school year that is going to fully embrace them,” said Chris Candice Tuck, Equality Loudoun President. “It’s going to allow them to learn at their fullest potential.”

You honestly think that students who previously were bullying or making fun of LGBTQ students will now suddenly stop – because there’s a policy? Because the teacher has to call someone Zim instead of he? If anything it will only get worse. Why? Because they are a bunch of knucklehead high school kids.

What does it do for the LGBTQ students self-esteem? When a girl who thinks she’s a boy goes out for the varsity boys basketball team and is clearly inferior to the other players – will they be allowed to cut her/him/zim/whatever? What are you teaching a kid by doing that? Are you really going to let boys play on the girls track team? Will you force them, as teenagers, to take drugs and reduce testosterone levels to acceptable competition levels like the LPGA does? Like most, nay all, liberal ideas the unintended consequences are unending. I feel sorry for those kids – they just made their lives worse. Maybe way worse.


Remember when we talked about the complete bullshit of when the media reported that forty million people could be evicted if the “eviction moratorium” was lifted? And then it was ten million? And then it was four million?

Today CBS reported it could be “as many as three million.” Don’t get me wrong – that’s a lot of folks who need help. I hope the state governments who can’t get their head out of their ass and get the relief Uncle Sam gave them (less than 10% of rent assistance passed by Congress has actually been given out) start getting those funds out – and fast.

Currently, Zillow estimates there will be about 480,000 eviction filings once the moratorium ends, but only around 260,000 of those households are likely to be evicted.

PRIME example of the media lying to you. Can’t imagine why they’d do such a thing.


I really didn’t need to see the video of Hunter Biden naked with a hooker in a Vegas hotel. But of course I only saw it because I don’t watch the Communist News Network (CNN) or More Stuff Not Being Correct (MSNBC) or the Chinese Broadcasting System (CBS) or Nothing Bright Corporation (NBC) who I’m sure aren’t bothering to report on the video that shows the President’s son doing all the things that Democrats said Trump did – except that was all not true. Didn’t Trump get kicked out of the navy for doing cocaine? Oh, sorry, that was Hunter Biden too.


This week a United Nations panel issued a report warning that climate change has brought us to the point of catastrophe: “code red for humanity.” “It’s a truth underscored by our own eyes, by the hundred-year events that now happen every year: devastating floods, blistering heat, raging fires, rampaging storms. The damage, we are told, is irreversible. We can only mitigate it,” said the liberal Miami Herald.

Except last I checked, wildfires, heat, floods and storms aren’t “100 year events.” There is a reason it’s called “Hurricane season.” The Miami Herald, however, knows who to blame! Crackpot moron Leonard Pitts writes:

“You’d think such a dire prognosis would leave us united on the need for immediate action, but Fox “News” saw little to worry about, bringing on climate denier Marc Morano to assure viewers that the U.N. just wants to take their cars. “You’re being conned,” he said, “if you’re falling for this U.N. report.”

Yep, it’s Fox News fault. Everyone knows that secretly at night Sean Hannity goes out behind the studio and starts his Mercedes and lets it run for thirty minutes before heading home for the evening. And God knows what Tucker Carlson does with all his spray cans.


Lastly, you have to wonder if the current Biden administration could be any more stupid. While assuring us that “inflation is transitory” they are freaking out over gas prices in particular. Americans really take notice when those prices begin with a three.

Most of this, of course, is their own fault. Policies that had made America energy independent such as pipeline authorizations, drilling on federal lands, and fracking were scrapped the day they took power.

Knowing full well they are going to lose the house and the senate if gas next year is $3.79/gallon they forgot about their “transitory” assurances yesterday and began “looking into ways to reduce gas prices” and began by telling OPEC that by God they needed to start producing more oil!

That’s right you mean old greedy Arabs, you better start making more oil for us so the prices will go down and you’ll make far less money. I’m sure that Saudi Arabia is shaking in their boots over a threat from a President who can’t remember what he had for lunch and will ramp up production post haste.

In the meanwhile producer prices came out today and are up another 7.8%. If I were you I’d get used to budgeting for $3/gallon gas for some time to come, and if you stopped taking the Sunday paper it might be worth the investment to get the food coupons – you’re going to need them.

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    A painful read to. The truth hurts at times. Lest we forget, the Fed buried in the infrastructure bill a mileage tax for each vehicle. Now, this will only cause more inflation & worse roads. They’ll stea the collected funds for any other pet project, just as long as they look good. This is exactly why the Ponzi Scheme aka Social Security is insolvent.

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